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Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by AgerTank

Now Available for sale - we have a used Criveller 30 bbl brewhouse that has been reconditioned with new Thomson wash down pumps and custom brewhouse control panel.  Piping has been upgraded and new valves have been utilized.  It was refurbished for a client who is no longer pursuing expansion.  Details as follows: Criveller 30 bbl 2 vessel steam heated brewhouse. The system was built new in approx 2012 and was in service until June 2021. This package includes the following: Criveller 30 bbl Mash/Lauter tun with 5 hp top mounted rake assembly and side grain out door. This is a steam heated vessel. Criveller 30 bbl brewkettle/whirlpool with steam jacket for heating (bottom and sidewall). Stainless steel brewers platform. Single Stage heat exchanger New UL listed USA built control panel with brewhouse temp controls and pump controls along with rake drive controls. (2) new Thomsen washdown centrifugal brewhouse pumps....

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by New Mill Capital

ONLINE AUCTION, MARCH 13 – Major East Coast Production Brewery Featuring: High Volume Production Brewery with Fermenters and Brite Tanks to 825 BBL, (2) Pneumatic Scale Angelus CB-50 Counter Pressure Can Lines for 12,16, Sleeks and 19.2oz, 50-BBL 5-Vessel Brewhouse with Ska Depalletizers and UniPak Palletizer, 2017 Andritz Separator, (4) 825 BBL Mueller All SS Fermentors, (8) Mueller and DCI 20,000 Gallon All SS Vertical 100+ PSI Jacketed Silos (Some with Vertical Agitation), (10) 360 to 480 BBL All SS Jacketed Fermenters, (4) 180 BBL Jacketed Fermenters, (4) 120 BBL Jacketed Fermenters, (3) 70 BBL Jacketed Fermenters, 375 BBL & 100 BBL Brite Tanks, Horizontal Storage Tanks, 1 BBL Pilot System with 3 Bbl FVs, KHS 60 Barrel Per Hour CombiKeg Washing and Filling Line, DMM Cartoner, Meyer 34-8 Bottle Filler, Case Erectors, Labeling, Buhler 6-Roll Mill, 60,000# & 90,000# Grain Silos, 14,000 Gal Spent Grain, Chain-Vey System, Glycol Chillers,...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by New Mill Capital

ONLINE AUCTION, MARCH 12 – Complete 30 BBL Production Brewery and Tap Room Featuring: All Alpha Brewing and JVNW Equipment – 30 BBL 3-Vessel Alpha Brewhouse with Hot and Cold Liquor Tanks, 5 BBL Pilot Brewhouse, (5) JVNW 100 BBL FVs and (2) Brite Tanks, (6) Alpha 90 BBL FVs and (2) Brite Tanks, (5) 5 and 10 BBL FVs and Brite Tanks, Wild Goose WG4 Can Line with Depalletizer and Labeler, Pall Lenticular Filters, Grain Handling, Keg Washer, CIP, Walk-In Coolers, G&D GD-27H Chiller, Boilers, Tap Towers, Taproom Equipment, Air Compressors, Scissor Lifts, Lab, Office and More. View equipment >> Equipment Location: Tucker, GA Sale Start Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at 1:00pm (EST) Sale End Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 1:00pm (EST)   REGISTER FOR ONLINE AUCTION >>

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by clanelester

Unique complete working small 2-vessel 3HL electric brew system with 4 3bbl fermenters and 1 3bbl brite, 3hl fermenter, temp controller,  2 glycol chillers, carbon filter, Thermaline heat exchanger, Monster Mill, Assorted parts and hoses, 40 5.16 gallon kegs and 20 50LT kegs.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by New Mill Capital

ONLINE AUCTION FEB 29: Quality Tank Solutions Equipment Featuring: Up to 2,100 Gallon Cider Fermenters, Up to 20 BBL QTS Brite Tanks, Mueller & Walker Up to 5,000 Gallon Horizontal SW & Jacketed Dairy Tanks, LanXess Velcorin Doser, Pall Oenoflow EIT Filter, Wild Goose WGC 250 Canning Line w/ SKA Depalletizer, CIMEC 8-Head Bottle Filler, Pack Leader Labeling, G&D Chiller, Water Systems, Totes, Lab and Testing Equipment, Anton Paar Cbox, Racking, Fork Lifts, Support & More. View equipment >> Equipment Location: Denver, CO Sale Start Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 1:00pm (EST) Sale End Date: Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 1:00pm (EST)   REGISTER FOR THE AUCTION >>

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by New Mill Capital

ONLINE AUCTION FEBRUARY 27: High Efficiency Microbrewery Featured Equipment: 20hl IDD 20hl High Efficiency Brewing System with Mash Filter, (4) 100hl FVs, (6) 60hl FVs, (2) 30hl FVs, (1) 15hl FV, 120hl Brite, 60hl Brite, Code CCL-45 Can Line with Depal & Pack Leader Labeler, Keg Washer, 1000’s of Sixtels and Half Barrels, Anton Paar CboxQC, Grain System, Chiller, Boilers, Taproom Equipment & Brewery Support. View Equipment >> Equipment Location: Upper Marlboro, MD Sale Start Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 11:00 AM (EST) Sale End Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 11:00 AM (EST) VIEW AUCTION DETAILS >>

Used Product Ad posted 3 months ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by NFE Machinery Co

We will attend CBC 2024 in Las Vegas during April 22-24th, and our booth number is 2738, hall D. We will display a 7bbl direct fired brewhouse there, top quality and very good price!! If you are in need of 7bbl brewing system, please do not hesitate to contact with us. Configuration of the 7BBL brewhouse: 7 bbl direct fired brewhouse Mash/Lauter tun vessel – with rake system, frequency drive, false bottom, sparging system Wort kettle/whirlpool tun-tangential inlet, direct fired heating system Pumps with UL motor Stainless steel 304 working platform Plate heat exchanger – 304 or 316 plates 15bbl direct fired HLT UL Rated controls and electric components, automatic controls, pneumatic vavles Free quick-wear parts Professional installation and commissioning service High quality, reasonable price, excellent service! Complete engineering support and professional onsite installation! Please contact us for more details! NFE Machinery Co., Ltd. Email: Website: Video website:...

Used Product Ad posted 3 months ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by O'Neill's Brewing & Equipment Company

SEE US AT BOOTH 510 IN LAS VEGAS ! USED BREWING SYSTEMS OF ALL SIZES 3-15 BBL !  ENGINEERING & INSTALLATION SUPPORT AVAILABLE ! ALL TANKS AND EQUIPMENT ARE FACTORY TESTED & CERTIFIED ! SAVE ON TRUCKING COSTS !  WE ARE A  US COMPANY & HAVE DISTRIBUTION CENTERS ALL OVER THE US ! WE DO ON-SITE INSTALLATIONS ! COMPLETE ENGINEERING SERVICES ! Proudly serving the craft beer industry for over 27 years ! We specialize in working with start-ups and brewery expansions! Over 150 new brewery start-ups in the last few years ! Used System Features Include: Steam, Direct Fire, or Electric brewhouses UL Listed Motors and Electronics 2 Stage Heat exchanges for maximum efficiency and speed (ales & lagers) Oversized mash tun and kettle for high gravity beers Extra capacity in glycol system for future tank expansion Shadow-less manways in all cellaring tanks Glycol piping, insulation, solenoids, and control...

Used Product Ad posted 26 mins ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Darin Butschy

10 Barrel Copper wrapped Kettle, is slightly dented on one side - $2000 Economite Burner Model Ec300 -$500 smoke Stack available with purchase or -$500 separate  

Used Product Ad posted 1 hour ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Matthew Iannelli

Willing to sell entire bundle or individual tanks. (1) 3BBL Boil Kettle (145 Gallons) (1) 3BBL Mash Tun (120 Gallons) (2) 3BBL Jacketed Fermenters (119 Gallons) (1) 3BBL Jacketed Brite Tank (100 Gallons) (1) PlatePro Sanitary Wort Chiller (41 removable plates) (1) 5 Gallon Hop Back with false bottom and sanitary connections (1) Vorlauf Pipe for Mash Tun (1) Sparge Arm for Mash Tun   Located in Philadelphia, PA.

Used Product Ad posted 3 hours ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Jason Knight

Up to 15BBL Brewhouse, 3 phase electric for super easy use and installation. In current operation if you want to come check it out. Very fast and incredibly stable analog system totally GFI protected in every aspect. We are moving and upgrading so this awesome brewhouse that we love is up for sale. Come see how easy and affordable you can brew up to 15BBL batches!

Used Product Ad posted 6 hours ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by M S

25bbL/30hL steam jacketed Hot Water Tank. Was part of a 3 vessel brewhouse, but already have a hot liquor tank so looking to sell. 7.8' W x 9.1' Tall 1.5" CIP Port 2" Bottom Port 2 steam jackets Manway door w/ site glass on top Two steam electric solenoids See photos attached below - can send drawings in email (file too large to upload to ad). Currently Decommissioned and in contained storage. Buyer responsible for rigging/shipping. $5500 USD OBO - make an offer, motivated to sell fast

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