World Class Automated Beverage Canners

What We Offer
Unlimited Features
Located in America’s “automation alley”, we enjoy having the best design engineers and the best controls engineers. We also have the highest quality CNC and laser fabrication shops on the planet.

Creative Design
Our system is far easier to operate than any on the market. We have studied your needs and all the other equipment out there. Our System was designed, tested,and re-designed, leaving us with a solid, robust, easy to operate machine.

Own Your Schedule
Once you have your own machine, you own your schedule!! Can on your time and on your terms. If you feel like canning at midnight you can. No more schedules!

Choose pre-printed cans from 12 cents a can (larger minimums), fill brights and apply pressure sensitive labels from 14 cents a can (small minimums), or choose shrink sleeves from 22 cents a can (small minimums).

First In Innovation
Microcanner is the first to introduce an integrated can rinse system with a small format in-line filler. Our system ensures that EVERY can is rinsed before it enters the fill station.

Cans are Co2 purged and Co2 under cap gassed before seamed. A final rinse tunnel and blow off is standard on our system.

Open For You

We’re Here
Contact us by email or phone with questions about the systems, pricing and lead times.

Shipping Address: Microcanner, LLC – 70 N Main – Cedar Springs, MI 49319


Todd Vriesenga | Phone: (616) 745 6623 | Email: tvriesenga@gmail.com

Production Manager / Tech Support

Jacob Burtt | Phone: (616) 916 9973 | Email: jacobburtt@gmail.com

Accounts Payable / Receivable

Tina Vriesenga | Phone: (616) 901 8551 | Email: tinavriesenga@gmail.com

Installers / Technical Support

Mike Elkins | Phone: (616) 822 4686 | Email: elkinsmike23@gmail.com

Andrew Koop | Phone: (616) 773 0114 | Email: koopajk8@gmail.com

Kyle Pekrul | Phone: (616) 446 3767 | Email: pekruljimmy@gmail.com

Patrick Mahoney | Phone: (616) 862 4288 | Email: mahoneyplm@gmail.com

Contact Info

Company Contact Todd Vriesenga
Website http://www.microcanner.com
Email sales@microcanner.com
Main Phone (616) 745 6623
Address 7380 Courtland DR NE
Rockford, MI 49341
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