O’Neill’s Brewing & Equipment Company

O'Neills Brewing and Equipment Company

Beer & Wine Tanks and Systems, Micro Distilleries

O’Neill’s Brewing & Equipment Company serves the following markets and industries:

Beer Brewing Industry — industrial, microbreweries, and brewpubs
Wine, Cider, Water storage, and other sanitary applications
Micro Whiskey distilleries
Food and Food Processing Industries (kettles, mixers, fermenters)
Pharmaceutical and Drug Processing Industries
O’Neill’s has experienced managers, engineers, brewers, manufacturing, and other technical personnel with many years of practical experience. Our customers can choose from standard tank and system designs, they can supply their own designs, or we can custom design any tank or system you require.

O’Neill’s offers the following products and services to our customers:

Complete planning, design, fabrication, installation and start-up support
Affordable tanks, systems, controls and complete turnkey system designs
Evaluation of used equipment, field support, and troubleshooting
Standard and Custom Engineering Designs and Design packages for sale
Piping, valves, glycol chilling, controls, electrical, and manifold system designs
Steam and Direct Fired Systems

Tank and System Designs
All our tanks and systems offer the latest designs and safety features for pressurized and un-pressurized vessels and storage tanks.

Design features include:
All sanitary stainless steel design and construction (303, 304 or other steels available)
Sanitary welded joints and seams with a micro polish finish
Optional micro polish finishes include: , #8 and electro polishing
Stainless steel pressure relief valves, fixed or adjustable
Stainless steel valving and outlets
Shadow-less manways with sanitary finishes (swing inward or swing outward doors)
Site glass gauges for level and volume checks
Dish bottom tanks, conical bottom or custom bottoms and outlets
Racking Arm outlets ports for fermentation and yeast propagation vessels
Glycol Jacketed and Insulated tanks for cooling and temperature control
Steam Jacketed and Insulated tanks for heating and temperature control
Stainless valves, piping and manifold designs
Computer Controlled safety valves, pumps, and other process equipment

Consulting, Design and Planning Services
O’Neill’s offers complete turnkey design, planning and consulting services for both small and large projects—whether on individual tank jobs, new or used equipment or full system designs. We are staffed by experienced mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, programmers, technicians, brewers, and other support staff.

Consulting Services include:

Field inspection of new or used equipment—fair market value, functionality checks
Used equipment reconditioning analysis & planning—cost analysis, reconditioning plans
Field analysis and repair of equipment
Project planning and equipment sources
Custom tank, vessel, piping and system designs
Planning, layout, installation and start-up of brewpub and microbreweries and beer systems

Beer & Wine Tanks and Systems, Micro Distilleries
O’Neill’s specializes in the design and manufacture of tanks and systems for the brewpub micro-brewing, and whiskey micro-distillery markets. We are staffed by experienced brewing engineers, mechanical engineers, brewers, and other support personnel.

Our specialized beer brewing services include:

Field Inspection of new, used or reconditioned equipment
Fair Market Values and Equipment Appraisals and Analysis
Tank and System Reconditioning Plans and Strategies
Project Planning, design, start-up and installation consulting
Beer recipe planning, brewing permits, and local zoning and site regulations
Design of custom and standard tanks and turnkey systems
Sale of engineering drawings for tanks and systems-standard or custom plans
Glycol, electrical, water, steam, controls and other system designs



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