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Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Shawn LaBrasseur

Fully Refurbished and Audited 30 CPM Palmer Beverage Canning Line and Depal For Sale Complete with 1 Year Warranty from the Manufacturer on Filler/Seamer Completely refurbed Mono-bloc 12/1 head rotary counter-pressure filling system with single-head mechanical seaming (Seamer upgraded to current gen) Fill level accuracy within .20" Fully automatic, highly efficient 30 CPM Fill Rate for 12 and/or 16 oz cans Isobaric rotary, pressure filling Upgraded Gen 3 seam head / seam hub Automatic high-level empty can depalletizer Seamer discharge conveyor Discharge conveyor with 180 degree inversion Filler in-feed conveyor Seamer discharge conveyor 3.25 TTC Misc Spare Parts Air: Compressed Air 125 PSI, 15 CFM Power: 240/120 Volt 60 Hz Three/Single Phase **Original purchase agreement with all specs, invoices of all refurb work, as well as audit report can be provided on request** We purchased this equipment in August of 2023 (Smylie Brothers) and have had it audited, completely refurbished,...

Used Product Ad posted 2 months ago in Canning Equipment by Oktober Can Seamers

OKTOBER DESIGN TRADE-UP PROGRAM LOOKING TO REFRESH YOUR BENCHTOP CANNING SYSTEM? We are happy to credit your used Oktober seamer, in any condition, towards the purchase of a new one! Trade in your SL1, MK-series, or Model 7 towards a new Model 7 or Model 8. Email at or call us at 231-750-1998 to get started.

Used Product Ad posted 3 hours ago in Canning Equipment by Qin Liu

Hello, we are selling our Wildgoose canning machine. It's an entry-level automatic machine, with capacity of filling 12 cans per minute. You can check out the current model on this page., and look up Cosling 2.0 We bought this machine new in 2021, and we used it lightly, mostly for researching, prototyping and small productions as needed. As our business strategies change, we don't have the need to keep it anymore. It is in excellent condition and we just updated its software about 6 months ago. The machine: 1. come with a nitrogen doser, so you can can non-carbonized drinks; we use it to can our iced teas; we also use it to can our kombucha, in which case, you can disable the nitrogen doser and use co2. 2. configured to fill 12 Oz sleek can; (and adjustable to other sizes) 3. on a mobile cart to make it...

Used Product Ad posted 7 hours ago in Canning Equipment by Byron Moles

Twin Monkeys Dual Line Dual Seamer used for less than 5000 cases

Used Product Ad posted 13 hours ago in Canning Equipment by Gerardo Cardenas

Full canning line for sale, perfect shape, very few hours of use.

Used Product Ad posted 14 hours ago in Canning Equipment by Dog Catcher

A well used and well maintained Oktober MK16v2 currently set up for 16 oz cans. I'm including all my spare parts like a new bearing, spacers for 12 oz cans, lift arms, rod and an operation arm. We've sent it back to Oktober for an overhaul, they are a great company with great service. We used it last week on a run. Ready to ship, buyer pays shipping from 80401 $750 obo

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Canning Equipment by mtnSpirits -

Semi-automatic tunnel pasteurizer. Holds 3 standard trays per cycle. Ergonomic and very efficient design. Side door for easy clean out. Currently set up for single phase supply, but can easily be swapped over to 3-phase. Has 4x 30amp immersion heaters. Takes about 9 minutes to heat the bath from 60F to 165F. Can also be adapted to heat with hot water from plant source or wall hung on demand unit. Set the time/temp and come back 25 minutes later to slide another 3 trays through. Output onto a roller conveyor for minimal labor. Message and I will email videos. Don't have a youtube account right now... All parts from Automation Direct or McMaster so nothing is proprietary or hard to get. You won’t be disappointed!

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Canning Equipment by mtnSpirits -

Process fours trays at once. Time and Temp setup. Water bath is temp controlled and timer pauses until bath is at temp to ensure complete pasteurization cycle. Units can be altered to accommodate any power source or separate heat source. Can be customized to increase batch size as well.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Canning Equipment by Stefan Popescu

Zomerdijk Engineering semi-automatic bulk can depal with can twist conveyor and IDD oxine mist sanitizer system, can size 12oz sleek, 120 vac

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Canning Equipment by Jessica Stricklen

MicroCanner MC-Flex with in-feed table and in-line auto labeler. Purchased in 2022.  Great working order, meticulously maintained.  All wear parts have been replaced in the past 6mo. Buyer responsible for rigging and transport, from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Used Product Ad posted 4 days ago in Canning Equipment by kyle maddox

A lightly used Twin Monkey Mancos nano canning machine and convey belt is available. Please feel free to message me and set up a phone call/text for further details. The images and video listed are NOT of the actual product being sold. Happy to share actual product details and images with interested buyers.

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Cans and Canning Supplies by Victor Jones

23 pallets available currently in Union City CA I can ship cheap anywhere you like full pallets only we have too many cans pricing 1 pallet $0.128 3-5 pallets $0.12 6-10 pallets $0.117   these are ball BPANI gen 2 liners gold standard in cans!   we also have gold MCC lids available for only $0.035 per lid   cans can be picked up on demand in Union City CA at our storage warehouse after payment.   open to offers also we can warehouse on our account for you on a short term basis

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