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Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by AgerTank

Now Available - A complete filling line set up for glass bottles with an ROPP aluminum closure.  This line ran non carbonated water for a brief time and would be well suited for distilled spirits, water, or other non carbonated products.  Details follow- Item is a used, ABE/Norland model GlassPak 66 bottling line. The line is rated at up to 70 BPM and includes the following: -Tri-Block 12 clamp rinser / 12 valve filler / 6 head capper. The capping heads are 28mm ROPP. The safety guarding package is glass doors w/safety interlocks. Operation of the machine is clockwise (left to right). One set of change parts for glass bottles is included. Previous use was in bottled water facility. Power requirement is 208-240 volt/3-phase. -48" diameter dump/accumulation (pack-on) disk -Infeed conveyor for the Tri-Block rinser/filler/ROPP Capper. -Discharge conveyor from the Tri-Block -Quick Dry 66 air knife external bottle blower -Videojet...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Alex Unger

PRICE REDUCED - For sale is a used GAI 3031FM-BIER-001 Monoblock automated bottling machine that was built and purchased new in 2014.   $55,000 OBO Electrical: 220V / 3 phase/ 60Hz 12 head rotary rinser 12 head rotary counter-pressure filler Single station crowner Includes mass flow to single-file infeed conveyor External bottle rinser on outfeed conveyor Set up for 12oz longneck bottles, does not include changeover parts (available from Prospero Equipment, GAI's USA rep) Volumetric throughput: 1,200 L/hr (317 gal/hr or 10.2 bbl/hr) (Manufacturer Spec) Speed: 600-3,000 bottles per hour (Manufacturer Spec), we ran 12oz bottles at 50 bottles/min consistently Schneider Electric PLC and HMI Stainless steel construction Safety guarding in accordance with CE standards

Used Product Ad posted 1 month ago in Bottling Equipment by Steve Hedrick

Late 90's 4 head 12oz longneck bottle filler.  We have had this machine since 2011.  It was serviced by Meheen in 2012.  This machine does a great job.  Can do up to 1 case per minute.  Great for a small brewery running limited quantities. $6900. OBO

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Todd Bellomy

A great workhorse of a bottling line that has been very well maintained. Easy to fix, maintain, modify, etc. and would be perfect for your non-carbonated needs. Bottles can be sourced from China, 7oz (207ml), twist-off beer crown without modification. Built for this BOTTLE Most of line is 3 phase / 208 - the labeller is single phase 120 This is a full line: > pack on and off tables > washer >12 head filler (non-carbonated) > 6 head capper (beer crown) > in-line labeller If you are a packaging line pro, I'm sure this line could be modified for other bottle sizes. Serious inquiries only please.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Bottling Equipment by Cullen Dwyer

This rinser is configured to convey bottles from a height of approximately 13 feet, and out-feed in the opposite direction at a height of 4 feet.  It grips bottles gently from the side with rubber chain links, inverts them for rinsing, allows drainage to a catch-pan, and turns them upright again.  In-feed section includes idler cog and frame for 4"-wide conveyor chain, as well as "slowerator" side-belts to ensure proper spacing of bottles.  Vertical section allows opportunity to date-code bottoms of dry bottles.  Easily adjusts for various bottle widths with the turn of a single wheel.  Overall dimensions: 15'L x 34"W x 15'H. This is an older machine that was recently decommissioned, and has operated trouble-free for many years.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Jamie Garrison

Purchased in January 2020 from Winemaker's Depot.  Used only a couple times. Like New. Been in dry storage since March 2020. We switched our packaging to cans and no longer need this machine.

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Bottling Equipment by Josh Breinholt

***** Price Reduced *****   Looking to upgrade your bottling operation? Look no further! We're offering an efficient and reliable SBC 750ml Cork & Cage Bottle Filler, proudly crafted in Italy. Features: Capacity: 900 bottles per hour Includes labeler, corker, and cager Perfect for small to medium-scale production Ensures precise and consistent bottling Whether you're a winemaker, brewer, or artisanal beverage producer, this equipment will streamline your bottling process and elevate your product presentation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your production line.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Bottling Equipment by Cullen Dwyer

Complete line, currently configured to form mother cartons for 12oz bottle 6-packs.  Included two Pearson 6-pack erectors, Pearson 202 case-former, and multi-packer to stuff the 6-packs into the case.  Also includes driven conveyors: straight chain from 6-pack erectors to multi-packer, 90-degree bend chain from case-former to multi-packer, straight belt from multi-packer (driven accumulation) and 90-degree out-feed belt.  Also includes idle out-feed idle rollers with 90-degree bend.  Case former is missing hot glue pot and heated glue hose. Overall dimensions of current configuration are approximately 42' x 23'.  The line was recently decommissioned.  Priced "to go" as we urgently need to free up this space.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Kevin Mashayekan

Automatic bottling machine by Meheen/Wild Goose Filling. Selling everything needed for a complete bottling line in one package: bottling machine with rinser, continuous thread capper, conveyer belt, rotary accumulation table with collection shelf, 10 hp air compressor and peripherals. Currently set up for custom glass kombucha bottles but can be altered as needed. FOB San Diego, CA

Used Product Ad posted 6 days ago in Bottling Equipment by Josh Flinn

Selling a used Meheen 6 head Merlin bottling machine. Machine does not work, selling for parts. Machine was bought by previous brewer and was never functional in this brewery. we are currently selling the machine off for parts.  

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by brewrepublic1

2011 M6 6-HEAD MEHEEN BOTTLING LINE, FULLY-AUTOMATED, PNEUMATIC POWERED FILLER CAN PRODUCE UP TO 2,300 BOTTLES PER HOUR, INCLUDING AUTO CLEANING AND SANITIZING. FILLING HEADS / CROWNERS: 6, BOTTLE DIAMETER CAPABILITY: 1.5-3 DIAMETER, AIR FLOW: 15 CFM @ 90 PSI. Used 6-head Meheen bottle filler for sale. Used sparingly over the course of the last couple years by our brewery but we are no longer in need of it. Machine is in great shape generally but not currently working due to it needing some repairs. Can run up to 80 cases an hour when dialed in. Description from our brewer of issues: It's hard to completely diagnose without starting to fix it. The capper is definitely at least part way broken, because of both the rotating magnet and possibly the actual capping mechanism The rest of, and the primary problem is around it not being able to pass a pressure...

Used Product Ad posted 7 months ago in Bottling Equipment by Sound Brewing Systems

Sweet set up filler and labeler. Bottle feeds directly from the fill to the labels, manual off load from there. New in 2016, been running approx. 30/bpm Heritage Bottles.  Could be converted to Long Necks - our techs are working on a simple solution for this.  We just don't use it enough anymore to keep it around. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer; we can assist with crate, etc. Asking price is open to discuss, call or email!

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