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When it comes to education, brewers and potential brewers, have more choices than ever before. With flexible schedules, and concentrations in various brewing disciplines, there are a lot of intensive options to help you create better beer.

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For over 140 years, the Siebel Institute of Technology has attracted an extensive global following. Our alumni span more than 60 countries and are found in almost every major brewery on earth. Our on-campus classes include a mix of participants from breweries of all sizes who hail from locations all over the world, enhancing our student’s learning experience by exposing them to differences in culture, equipment, methods and beer styles.

“Online training is an obvious option in that there is no need for travel to our campus, allowing the brewer to study from home or work as their time permits,” says Keith Lemcke the marketing manager for the Seibel Institute of Technology. “For those who have no prior formal training in brewing but who are familiar with most aspects of the process, here are some suggestions:

Intermediate-level courses:

WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology

WBA Fundamentals of Brewing Technology

“Both of the above are quite detailed courses regarding commercial brewing,” he says, with the Concise course being more extensive.”

Advanced courses and programs at Siebel

WBA Advanced Brewing Theory Program

“The Advanced Brewing Theory program is actually built of three modules that can be taken individually, allowing brewers to select the module that best suits their needs,” says Lemcke. “Of course, I always advise students and brewers to find free resources like the MBAA podcasts that can delve into topics of interest to pro brewers.”

Pursuing a Masters

At the University of California Davis, the brewing program has turned out countless brewers who have shaped the course of the industry. To join those ranks ensures being a link in a proud tradition.

“Moving to Davis for three months to attend the UC Davis Master Brewers Certificate Program just isn’t realistic for everyone,” said Jon Hughes, Phd, Director of Food and Agriculture Programs at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. “The online version provides the same curriculum, rigor and quality instructors but in a format and timeframe that’s more conducive to working professionals. The optional in-person “boot camp” at the end of the program gives students the opportunity to connect, work with our state-of-the-art equipment and tour local breweries.”

UC Davis Online Master Brewers Certificate Program

• 20-month program, starts in early January
• Online w/lectures and live class discussions; optional in-person boot camp on the Davis campus
• $13,200
• Eligible for VA Benefits

What Students Will Learn
• Grain handling, malting, malt analysis and their effects in brewing
• Brewhouse processes and the control of wort quality
• Yeast and fermentation processes and their effects on beer quality
• Finishing beer, sterilization of beer and packaging technology
• Flow of fluids in pipes and through pumps in a brewery setting
• Heat transfer and the effects of insulation and fouling on efficiency
• Theory and practice of carbonation, including mixed gas technology
• Theory and practice of refrigeration in the brewery
• Beer flavor and sensory science

Another option from UC Davis focus on beer quality, something everyone should be interested in learning more about.

UC Davis Beer Quality Specialization on Coursera

• 5-course self-paced online series
• One month (working at around 10 hours/week)
• Taught by “Pope of Foam” Charlie Bamforth

• Beer Quality: Foam
• Beer Quality: Flavor
• Beer Quality: Freshness
• Beer Quality: Color and Clarity
• Beer Quality Systems

“The Beer Quality course is definitely one of those courses, especially for self-taught brewers, who didn’t have an opportunity to go through the traditional educational programs, “said Lana Svitankova, 2024 World Beer Cup judge and winner of a 2022 UC Davis Tapping Potential scholarship. “It is easy to take any time and doesn’t demand travel; it allows comfortable scheduling and dives deep, not to mention the living legend Charlie Bamforth, who makes it also fun and engaging.”

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