Siebel Institute of Technology

WBA, World Brewing Academy

The enduring pursuit of brewing excellence since 1872

We look forward to welcoming the future generations of brewers to our home in the heart of Chicago and online.

Throughout the last 140 years, the Siebel Institute has attracted an extensive global following. Our alumni span more than 60 countries and are found in almost every major brewery on earth. Our classes include a mix of participants from breweries of all sizes who hail from locations all over the world. This broad base of participants enhances the learning opportunity of each student by exposing them to differences in culture, equipment, methods and beer styles. In our formal lectures and demonstrations though, we focus their attention on one common theme: beer. Students may come to the Institute with the biases of their own particular brewing environment, but they all leave in the simple and honest camaraderie of being a brewer. We have a saying here at the Institute: “Not only do we teach our students, but we also help them to teach each other.”

The Institute continues to focus on one basic theme as was published by Dr. J. E. Siebel in an ad in an 1893 Western Brewer. He stated, “The object of the Institute is to promote the progress of the industries based on fermentation, which is done by instruction, investigation, analysis and otherwise.”

The Siebel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy have been an important part of international brewing history for over 140 years, and we look forward to welcoming the future generations of brewers to our home in the heart of Chicago.

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