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Strong complete solutions for the beverage industry

Flottweg presents strong complete solutions for the beverage industry. 

Separator centrifuges bring speed and efficiency to the filtration process. After fermentation is complete, the beer is pumped to the centrifuge to be clarified. The product enters the centrifuge, spreading out into many thin layers. The centrifugal force expels the solids to the edge of the bowl. The Soft Shot technology quietly ejects the separated solids which are sent down the drain or to a pump for disposal. Meanwhile, the clarified liquid flows from the disk stack to a pairing disk, where it is discharged from the centrifuge via a centripetal pump to a brite beer tank. From there it is ready for packaging.
Flottweg decanter centrifuges are used to process the hop sludge from the tank bottoms that would otherwise be dumped. Decanter centrifuges are capable of separating liquid from very heavy solids
concentrations. The beer is recovered from the solids and returned to the tank while the dewatered waste is sent to a container for disposal. The process removes large amounts of solids from the waste
water effluent as well as taking a considerable load off of the downstream equipment while increasing the overall yield of each fermenter. The brewers are left with a tank full of product that has very little
solids left and is ready for clarification/filtration.

Working together with the customer, the perfect solutions are developed on-site, tuned precisely to the process at hand.

That saves time, money, and stress.

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