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Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by AgerTank

Now Available - A complete filling line set up for glass bottles with an ROPP aluminum closure.  This line ran non carbonated water for a brief time and would be well suited for distilled spirits, water, or other non carbonated products.  Details follow- Item is a used, ABE/Norland model GlassPak 66 bottling line. The line is rated at up to 70 BPM and includes the following: -Tri-Block 12 clamp rinser / 12 valve filler / 6 head capper. The capping heads are 28mm ROPP. The safety guarding package is glass doors w/safety interlocks. Operation of the machine is clockwise (left to right). One set of change parts for glass bottles is included. Previous use was in bottled water facility. Power requirement is 208-240 volt/3-phase. -48" diameter dump/accumulation (pack-on) disk -Infeed conveyor for the Tri-Block rinser/filler/ROPP Capper. -Discharge conveyor from the Tri-Block -Quick Dry 66 air knife external bottle blower -Videojet...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Kabir Gambhir

Fillmore X6 bottle filler is simple and easy to use! We bought this item new with the upgraded temperature and pressure sensors (model X6) for a little more than $10K with shipping.  I also worked with an engineering firm to design and upgrade the capper heads with better pneumatic cylinders for $2K so we could easily cap our bottles with twist-off caps. Website: Specs: We have 1488 stubby 12-oz brown bottles in 24-pack boxes that will also come with the purchase, including bottles caps in assorted colors.  The value of the bottles and caps are $1200.  The bottles will be given to anyone who picks up the bottling equipment in person at no extra charge.  It's the best way to get started bottling your beverages. Additional info: we primarily bottled stubby 12 ounce bottles. The bottling and capping heads can easily be adjusted to accommodate smaller or larger 750mL...

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Bottling Equipment by Stefan Popescu

Gruber 2 head bottle/growler filler.  Uses CO2 to purge bottles before filling. Easy to clean and easy to use.  Comes with instructional booklet

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Mark Deno

Great Condition! 2016 Meheen M6 Bottler & 2016 Meheen ML Labeler Package Deal $15,000 OBO.  Set-up for 22oz Bomber Style Bottles (we have 4 pallets of empty 22oz bomber bottles available as well...), counter pressure bottle filler, automatic crowner, and automatic labeler with packoff table, two rinsing trays and owner manuals included. Buyer is responsible for Crating and freight logistics, ships from Atlanta, GA. ***MOTIVATED SELLER!***

Used Product Ad posted 4 months ago in Bottling Equipment by Charlie Engel

2017 pneumatically operated Meheen 6-head filling machine and labeler in good working condition, date coder not included Automatic rinse, auto fill detection, Co2 counter-pressure for automatic fill levels and rapid pulse before crowning to remove foam.  It has a large crown hopper for automatic capping. $28,000 OBO.

Used Product Ad posted 1 month ago in Bottling Equipment by Rob Creighton

Cimec 12/12/1, 50 bpm bottle rinser, double pre-evac filler, crowner for sale. New in 2015. Included are changeparts for 330 ml, 473 ml aluminum bottle and 750 ml bottle. Also for sale, a Cimec 3 station front, neck & back labeler. New in 2015. Included is sensor for clear film labels and changeparts for 750 ml bottle Call/email for further details.    

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Chris Mitus

Model # BACCO 6GS Manufacture Date: 2019 PRICE: $1,500 OBO

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Bottling Equipment by Scott Vaccaro

BUILT FOR SPEED AND EFFECIENCY! Complete downstream automation from your labeler!  Comes with accumulation table before the 6 pack packer. capable of 6pk and 4pk - erects and stuffs with bottles and sends downstream on conveyors to the case erector/stuffer Case packer - can fill loose 12, loose 24 packs, 4 pack and 6 packs.   Set up for beer bottles, but with change parts it can be used for other bottle sizes Capable of 9000 bph for info and pricing

Used Product Ad posted 4 days ago in Bottling Equipment by Lee Martin

super deal.  4 pieces of equipment to complete the process of corking, caging and foil wrapping sparkling or champagne type products.  was acquired with filling equipment and we have no use for these pieces.  wrapped, on palettes and ready to ship. we need the space so motivated to sell and will consider all offers

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Chris Mitus

Automatic bottle corker manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions. Model # CAP-BTC-FA

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Bottling Equipment by Ted Birch

Lightly used Barida Semi-automatic bottle filler. Fills bottles from.33 to 1.5L. Mini-Line 1 semi-automatic labeller included. Both items used for short time then stored. $22,000 Canadian OBO.  

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Bottling Equipment by Matt Giffen

The filler and labeler were manufactured in 2017 by the Italian company GAI. Until this month, the filler and labeler was in use at Bench Brewing where it filled beer in 500 ml bottles. The machine has already been dismantled and can be inspected. Technical data 8 rinser positions 8 filling stations 1 capping station 220V-3PH Rotary Labeler - hard to find Change over parts included (star wheel) for generic 500ml and custom Great condition Extremely well maintained The automatic rotary labeler is a great complement to the 881 filler complete with conveyor. This filler/labeler/conveyor has been in use since 2018. Lots of pictures and documents available upon request.

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