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Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by AgerTank

(6) Available – These are used ABE 60 bbl jacketed brite tanks with side manway doors, cip, PRV, sample valve, carbstone, and 4 legs with cross braces and adjustable footpads. These tanks measure approximately 80″ diameter x 176″ tall. They are outfitted with three cooling zones on the dish and sidewall. They were last used in beverage production and are represented in excellent condition. Pricing is per tank and includes loading and saddles for shipment. Listed price is per tank – $9950 each Jason 503-780-4681 Call/text.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Fermenters by AgerTank

Used late model ABE fermenters – (2) 15 bbl fv and (4) 30 bbl FV – These are all jacketed unitank fermenters. They are outfitted with side manway doors, cip, prv, carbstone and butterfly valves. They were used in a brewery and are represented in very good condition. These are outfitted with multiple cooling zones and 4 legs with cross braces. They include valves and fittings. The interior of each tank is excellent and without beer stone or other cosmetic/mechanical issues. We have pressure tested the jackets and the tanks are ready to ship. Pricing includes loading on buyers truck. We can assist with ecocomical shipping quotes. Call/text Jason – 503-780-4681 15bbl FV – $7,550 each 30bbl FV – $9,250 each

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Jim Krigbaum

1000L Jacketed Brite Tanks 40% Off! – As Low As $3,700 Limited Time and Availability!  Act now to secure the Hottest Deal of the Summer on stainless steel tanks from Europe!   Cornerstone Stainless Containers (CSC)  has made a special purchase that allows us to discount a limited number of our 1000L [264 Gallon] European-made Brite Tanks! These tanks are produced by a leading European manufacturer that produces thousands of tanks annually for the beverage industry!   The manufacturer’s list price is from $6,175 → $6,875 depending upon design.  With our special purchase, we are currently offering them for 40% off ( $3,700 → $4,125)!   These containers are designed for craft beverage manufacturing and are incredibly versatile.   2 bar operating pressure Jacketed - jacketing for glycol, steam, or other liquids Designed and manufactured in Europe for the brewery industry High-quality 304 stainless steel Food grade 2B interior finished...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Dave at Front Range Fabrication

  Let's make a deal   Professionally removed and ready to ship. Currently stored in (2) semi trailers. Trailers can be sold with the equipment for additional cost. 3 VESSEL PROBREW SYSTEM. ALLEN BRADLY CONTROLS, QUALTIY VALVES. STEAM TRAPS AND OTHER VALVES AVALIABLE. 15HP COLUMBIA STEAM SYSTEM, FULL SKID, CHEMICAL INJECTION, WATER SYSTEM ETC. 20BBL NEWLANDS FV USED AS HLT 10BBL FV GRAIN MILL GRIST CASE 4 OTHER FVS OTHER MISC EQUIPMENT.   CHILLER AVALIABLE BUT NOT INCLUDED   WE CAN BRING IT TO YOUR DOOR AND EVEN INSTALL IF YOU WOULD LIKE. I have tons of other pictures Call , Text whatever Dave 720-363-1337  

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by O'Neill's Brewing & Equipment

USED BREWING SYSTEMS OF ALL SIZES 3-15 BBL !  ENGINEERING & INSTALLATION SUPPORT AVAILABLE ! ALL TANKS AND EQUIPMENT ARE FACTORY TESTED & CERTIFIED ! SAVE ON TRUCKING COSTS !  WE ARE A  US COMPANY & HAVE DISTRIBUTION CENTERS ALL OVER THE US ! WE DO ON-SITE INSTALLATIONS ! COMPLETE ENGINEERING SERVICES ! Proudly serving the craft beer industry for over 27 years ! We specialize in working with start-ups and brewery expansions! Over 150 new brewery start-ups in the last few years ! Used System Features Include: Steam, Direct Fire, or Electric brewhouses UL Listed Motors and Electronics 2 Stage Heat exchanges for maximum efficiency and speed (ales & lagers) Oversized mash tun and kettle for high gravity beers Extra capacity in glycol system for future tank expansion Shadow-less manways in all cellaring tanks Glycol piping, insulation, solenoids, and control wiring included Systems can run on single or 3...

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Gateway_Brewing

PRICE REDUCED: $85,000.00 This is a complete electric 5bbl brewery- The entire brewery runs out of a building with single phase 200A service. Built in 2015. Jim Boney mill with explosion proof motor- auger up to hydrator into mash tun- mash tun has motorized rake with plow -two brewhouse pumps for water and wort transfer. Thermaline heat xchanger. Six 5bbl unitanks- glycol jacketed with a jc younger glycol chiller with each tank having dedicated Johnson controller. Kegs available Contact Trent at:

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Boilers by Josh Watterson

We have a used Rite 150s Boiler that needs a new home. We bought it used from a brewing operation in Iowa but ended up using another boiler that came with our brewhouse system. We have had 2 seperate Boiler techs look this unit over and both said it's in amazing shape. More pictures of the unit upon request. Right now its just sitting on a pallet at our brewery so we can get it your way without dissmantling fees. Its a 35 HP Rite 150s manufactured in California. Great unit for a great price. *Its from a brewery that no longer exists so if you bring it into a state that needs a Fitness for service test you would need to get that acquired.. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Cheers!

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Nick Fuentes

Never used 10 BBL Hot Liquor Tank (HLT). We purchased it for use but went with a tankless water instead. Forced air burner, also not used, included. Buyer responsible for shipping.

Used Product Ad posted 16 hours ago in Fermenters by Patrick Pennington

I am selling 3 of these Alpha 20 BBL Jacketed Fermenter Unitanks. The tanks are 128" tall and 65" wide. They have a side manway. All PRV, CIP, piping, butterfly valves, and clamps are included. These are top of the line tanks and like new! The tanks are ready to ship. I have a forklift for loading. The tanks are located in Frankfort, IN, It’s about 45 minutes north of Indianapolis. I will consider delivery for an additional fee. Email me at for questions of to be sent a copy of the drawing.

Used Product Ad posted 18 hours ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Sean Mcdonald

We are looking to sell off our smaller pilot system. It has run really well for us without any problems. We would prefer to sell as one unit but taking offers on the different parts if it doesn't sell in a month we will piece it out.   ($1839.00) Brew Kettle: 90 Gal. Brew Kettle with thermowell, sight glass, tangential inlet, thermometer, (3) 1.5in. Butterfly valves, heat shield around legs.   ($1899.00)Hot Liquor Tank: 80 Gal. Hot Liquor Tank with thermowell, Stainless Steel HERMS coil, sight glass, (1) 1.5in. Butterfly valve. (1) 3in. TC Cap, (1) 3in. TC gasket, (1) 3in. TC clamp for lid port. On legs, approx. 13" above the ground.   ($1939.00)Mash Tun: 80 Gal. Mash Tun with Manway and recirculation fitting. On legs with (1) butterfly valve and false bottom.   ($420)HopBack/Wort Grant: 9.7 gal. total capacity combination tank with clamp down lid. For use as...

Used Product Ad posted 22 hours ago in Brewhouse or Brewing Systems by Scott Brady

I will be updating this listing as we gather equipment info. Full 8 bbl Brewhouse and Cellar Tanks. All equipment came from an old Rock Bottom Brewery. We are looking to sell as a lot and will discount total if entire lot is taken. A la carte pricing listed below. Buyer is responsible for all rigging and shipping. Brewhouse - $20,000 2 vessels MLT and BK/WP, HLT is under MLT Comes with all pumps and control panel Cellar 3 x 16 bbl FVs jacketed - $5,000 ea 2 x 24 bbl FVs jacketed - $6,500 ea 6 x 16 bbl BBTs single wall - $4,000 ea 2 x 24 bbl BBTs single wall - $5,500 ea Other Equipment RO System - $1,000 RO Tank - 1,000 gallons - $500 Mill - $4,000 Grain Elevator - $2,000 Auger motor and auger - $500 Stainless grist case (stand not included) - $1,000

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Fermenters by Kevin Mashayekan

jacketed 304 stainless unitanks - 3x 5 bbl and 3x 10 bbl   FOB San Diego, CA $10k per 10 bbl unitank, 6k per 5 bbl unitank

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