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Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Craftmaster Stainless

We have great shipping rates from California shoot us an email or give us a call now @ 916-750-4677 Or visit us @ JACKETED BRITE TANK PRICING 1 bbl,    $2,800.00  In Stock 2bbl,     $3,500.00  In Stock 3.5bbl, $4,500.00  In Stock 5bbl,    $5,500.00  In Stock 7bbl,    $6,500.00  In Stock 10bbl,  $7,500.00  In Stock 15bbl,  $9,000.00  In Stock 20bbl, $10,700.00  In Stock 30bbl,  $12,700.00  In Stock 40bbl,  $14,700.00  In Stock 60bbl,  $18,300.00  In Stock **Give us ring if you need pricing on larger tanks! We have the quickest shipping lead-times with the best shipping rates!!  For those who want to produce a high-quality beer, the right amount of carbonation is essential. Not only does this aspect help amplify the drink’s flavor, but it also provides the smooth texture that everyone wants. As such, our jacketed brite tanks at CraftMaster Stainless are the perfect beer storage tanks for your...

Used Product Ad posted 4 hours ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Nole Cossart

35 bbl. Brite tank. Lightly used since we purchased it 3 years ago. It's more capacity than we need so we're trading down for something more suitable for our current scale. Operating Capacity: 35 bbl. Total capacity: 40.9 bbl Dual zone glycol jacket + insulated 22psi operating pressure Rotating CIP ball 4x 1.5" TC ports for thermowell, thermometer, carb stone, sample valve. Manway 2.5" TC drain port at bottom Suitable for low ceilings. Measures 9 feet to the top of the CIP arm. 75" diameter. See technical diagram for exact measurements and specifications. We can arrange shipping. Ships from Santa Barbara, CA. 93013.

Used Product Ad posted 5 hours ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Lisa Allen

We have 6 JVNW single-wall 15bbl conditioning tanks for sale for $4000.00/each. The first few were manufactured in 2013 with the newest of the bunch being manufactured in 2017. All 6 tanks are pressure rated for 14.9 PSI and all six have racking arms that we have added. They are all pretty much the same with very slight variation, the tanks are 9 feet 5.75 inches tall (includes height of CIP arm) and 3 feet 6 inches wide. I'm happy to provide the detailed plans if needed. We are selling these individually, but might be able to make a deal if someone is interested in all 6. Buyer is responsible for shipping.

Used Product Ad posted 8 hours ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Brian Cornelius

Looking to move this workhorse tank ASAP! Our brewery acquired a production brewery in Columbus a couple years ago and since then we have never needed to use this 60BBL Brite. Per the previous owner and their employees (plus this former breweries sheer volume) we know they worked great for them. Sold as-is. I have (1) 60 BBL Brite for sale. Looking to get $16,000 REDUCED to 13K!! but will absolutely entertain a reasonable offer to get it out of the door and into your plant! MAKE ME AN OFFER! Please contact me if you have an offer, or would like to see the Manufacturer's detailed drawings and material lists for these tanks. Buyer responsible for rigging and shipping.

Used Product Ad posted 8 hours ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Sam Walker

Used PsychoBrew 10 bbl Jacketed Brite Tank. Selling in order to replace with larger brite - the tank is in good working order and good aesthetic condition.

Used Product Ad posted 9 hours ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Jason Sandquist

I can email full images of tanks - this sites image size per photos is terrible. I also have original spec sheet PDFs of each as they were custom built. (1) Custom Metal Craft 350gal Tote Unjacketed - $2000 1x (2) Custom Metal Craft 350gal Tote Jacketed - $2750 2x Total qty available = 3 tanks Buyer to arrange for shipping. Can purchase together or individually.

Used Product Ad posted 20 hours ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Brian Graves

We are selling 4 of our non-jacketed 5 barrel brite/serving tanks.  These tanks went into service in June 2022 and have barely been used with less than 10 batches in each.  All are clean and ready to go.  Selling due to limited space and a change in how we are storing/serving our beer from the taproom's cold room.  They are rated for 14.9 psi and currently outfitted with all necessary peripherals and ready to use, including CIP arm and spray ball, sight tube, carbonation stone, sample fitting, pressure gauge, pressure/suction relief valves, etc. $2,900 each or all 4 for $10,500.  Purchased new from Forgeworks. Price is for tanks and peripherals only.  You will need to arrange and pay for loading, crating, and shipping.  Located 1.5 hours in Central IL, 1.5 hours south of Chicago, 3 hours north of St. Louis, and 3 hours west of Indianapolis.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Paragon Brewing

20 BBL Brite tank. Basically new condition.  It has only been used a handful of  times. Current production rate doesn't support its use due to our planned expansion that's not been able to happen.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Tamara Roark

(2) available - These are used Letina 14600L / 3850 Gallon closed top jacketed storage / fermenters. These were built in 2018 and 2019. They are stainless construction with dimple jackets running from top to bottom of the tank. They are outfitted with oval side manway doors, 1.5" tc bottom drain and racking port They have shallow cone bottoms that drain to the front of the tank. They have 4 legs with footpads. The jackets are rated to 2.5bar and the tanks are atmospheric. They are ready for shipment. $19,000 each. Dimensions are 19'8" tall to the top of the tank vent x 76" diameter.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Cara Naeger

462 Gallon Jacketed Tank that was used in wine production.  Has a welded "honeycomb" jacket. Has a top door and manway door at the bottom.  It has welded legs, sight level gauge, and airlock.  Brand and manufacture year is unknown.  Want to sell; went to much larger tanks.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Cara Naeger

We have 2 - 1000 gallon Glycol jacketed tanks.  Comes as shown and no extra fittings. $9000 each.  Please reach out for more information or to negotiate the price.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Cara Naeger

I have 6 Stainless Steel Grundy Tanks.  They have no rust on them.  They each have a sight level gaugh onthem and open at the top on welded metal legs. 3 are shown in the picture, but I have 6 total.  Each are $2800.  Please contact me to discuss them further or negotiate the price.

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