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New Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Brewing Consultants by Brad Mortensen

Experiencing issues in your brewery? Need a hands-on, working brewer with years of craft-brewing experience to help? Or, maybe just some advice to point you in the right direction? Then please contact: Since 1996 I have been a professional craft brewer, making beer, managing situations, and solving problems as they arise. I am a hands-on, boots-on brewer willing to roll up my sleeves and work (NOT a point, criticize and bill consultant). More of a working brewer who happens to consult than a traditional consultant. I know great beer is made in breweries of all sizes and designs. I’ve worked on budget all manual startups and on computer-controlled push button breweries. Based in New Orleans, but happy to travel to your brewery anywhere in the world or consult via phone, email, text, or video chat. Some things I can help with: Brewing Recipe Design or Improvement Process Review and...

New Product Ad posted 2 months ago in Sales and Auction Services by O'Neill's Brewing & Equipment Company

Used Equipment Appraisal Consultant Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of craft brewing experience.  I have the ability to inspect, field test, and appraise any brand of used equipment.  Equipment I can inspect, test and appraise includes: -milling systems -auger systems -steam boilers -direct fire systems -brewhouse functions -fermenters and brite tanks -control panels -glycol chiller systems -ability to do remote or in person appraisals For Best results please contact me ( Bill) directly at: O'Neill's Brewing Systems LLC Branford, CT 203-217-0700  

New Product Ad posted 2 months ago in Brewing Consultants by O'Neill's Brewing & Equipment Company

Brewery Start-up consulting services !! We do it all: -site selection -utility surveys and assessments -brewing system sizing and configurations -business plans -distribution strategies -brewing equipment financing -brewing equipment manufacture & supply -system installation & start -up and training -after start up support For best results contact us at the info below by email or phone: O'Neill's Brewing Systems LLC Branford, CT 203-217-0700  

New Product Ad posted 2 months ago in Brewing Consultants by O'Neill's Brewing & Equipment Company

O'NEILL'S BREWING SYSTEMS SPECIALIZES IN BREWERY START UPS !! Let us guide you through all aspects of building and equipment selection. Let is aid you with a  free start up checklist and support ! Professional Services INCLUDED in our system prices include: Engineering drawings for tanks, piping, electrical schematics & other system requirements. Engineering support for brewery utilities including: water, electrical, drainage, venting, gas, etc. Site surveys to determine best layouts, best use of utilities (big cost savings) Engineering support to coordinate contractor and GC activities during site renovations and preparation for brewing system. Engineering support for permits and inspections On-site installation, start-up and training on the brewing system After installation : Long term support and ongoing service contracts  For best results contact us directly at : O’Neill’s Brewing Systems LLC Branford, CT. 06405 203-217-0700  

New Product Ad posted 4 months ago in Brewing Consultants by Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Cleaning and sanitizing are two of the most important tasks in the brewhouse, not to mention the most time-consuming. To help make these critical processes as simple as possible we have compiled some guidelines for you, including tips for passivating, CIP cycling, and general procedures for hot-side and cold-side tanks. Download your free PDF here! Shout out to Enerco, in Grand Ledge, MI for helping us put together this information and for providing brewers with reliable cleaning products and equipment. -> DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE GUIDE HERE Interested in more resources? Check out our Brewer's Checklist to Starting a Brewery.   Ready to start a conversation? We are readily available to answer your questions. We bring decades of professional brewing experience and welcome any opportunity to become a resource for you. -> Schedule a FREE 1-on-1 consultation today.     -- The Stout Tanks Team

New Product Ad posted 7 months ago in Co-Packaging by Iron Heart Canning

Breweries of all sizes can benefit from IHC's unrivaled mobile canning service.  Servicing 25 states in the Eastern USA.  Skilled Operators, Production Volumes, Materials Sourcing and Logistics, variety of can sizes, DO2 testing, Internal Lab capabilities, Seam and Sanitation Guarantee. For all inquiries visit email:

New Product Ad posted 7 months ago in Mobile Canning and Bottling by Iron Heart Canning

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Iron Heart Canning Expands Offering with Dedicated Program for Mixed Culture Canning The Quality Leader in Mobile Canning is Launching a New Program to Can Mixed Culture Products MANCHESTER, NH (January 17th, 2022) ― The nation’s largest mobile cannery has added a new, first-of-its-kind, program to offer canning for mixed culture products. These beverages include true sours and live cultures, products fermented with Brettanomyces or other wild yeasts, Kombucha, probiotics, and other mixed fermented products.  Initially launching in select geographies, with plans to eventually offer the service across their entire footprint, Iron Heart will deploy dedicated canning lines and related equipment to the program to fully isolate the service from its traditional mobile canning offering, where they have strict policies to only package clean products. Iron Heart has also tailored specific cleaning, sanitation, and quality control practices to the mixed fermentation canning to package the products with...

New Product Ad posted 7 months ago in Mobile Canning and Bottling by Iron Heart Canning

Introducing the Iron Heart Canning 30-Point Checklist!  This comprehensive, in-depth analysis covers every aspect of your canning line and ancillary equipment, ensuring optimal performance and cleanliness. Here's what it includes:  Step-by-step testing of the canning line from fill heads to the seamer  Assessment of additional equipment like labelers and depalletizers  Functionality testing of all features, with results recorded Cleanliness checks of all areas, documented thoroughly On-site cursory analysis with test cans Detailed analysis with photos and recommendations provided post-service Experience the difference in quality and precision with Iron Heart Canning!

New Product Ad posted 9 months ago in Brewing Consultants by Cascade Floors, Inc.

EXPERIENCE NEVER OUTSOURCED As a family owned company, we offer a highly experienced team with over 200 years of expertise. As a part of the Cascade Flooring experience, we bring our team to you, traveling to our ever-growing service areas to perform the job just as if it were in our own hometown. In fact, we never hire temps for our jobs. As a company we go all over the country and our crews go with us. Our crews are full-time, well-trained, experienced professionals who know how to get these jobs done right. We have over 290 brewery clients, 500+ major food processing plants throughout the western regions and beyond, as well as millions of square feet of flooring used in an array of industries daily since 1971. Our floors stand up under the toughest conditions that food processing, beverage industries, manufacturing & commercial industry facilities can put concrete floors...

New Product Ad posted 11 months ago in Brewing Consultants by Marks Design and Metalworks

MARKS Design & Metalworks specializes in manufacturing stainless steel tanks and equipment for the brewing industry. With a dedicated in-house mechanical engineering team we custom design every detail to your exact needs. With MARKS you can create the perfect brewer's playground. Our team of automated controls team design and build systems that are  semi-automatic or fully automatic.  MARKS is a major U.S. manufacturer of custom stainless steel vessels and equipment.  If you need something mixed, stored, piped, processed or fermented, MARKS can make it happen. Stainless steel tanks with internal production capabilities of 42’ tall and up to 15 tons. Industrial equipment made with American stainless steel. Highly experienced fabricators and welders capable of turning the most complex design into fully functioning equipment. Full engineering team that focuses on turning complex projects into practical designs. In-house team of programmers developing controls and automation to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Full machining capabilities, including a Boldrini...

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