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Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Pat Rasmus

Brewery & Cidery Equipment Auction. Ashburn VA TCOB of Ashburn VA Has Closed and Will Make a Complete Liquidation Including Fermentation Tanks, Uni Tanks, 500L Braumeister Brew kettle 50L Brew On Site Kettles, Glycol Chiller, Refrigeration System, Bottle Filler and Cleaner, Pumps, 20 Tap Self Pour Draft System, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Shuffleboard And Pool Tables, Taproom Furniture, Bar Accessories, And Everything Need to Start Your Own Brewing Business. License 2906000261 Auction link: End Date: July 25, 2024 Contact: Email: Phone: (703) 768-9000 Equipment List: COUNTER PRESSURE FILLER MACDONALD STEEL DFC4 GRAIN MILL ALPHA FERMENTORS DUAL STATION KEG WASHER ALPHA BREWING OPERATIONS CLEAN IN PLACE SYSTEM BLICHMANN ENGINEERING BOILERMAKER HOP DOSER PLATE FILTER CENTRIFUGAL PUMP LENZE AC TECH AUTOCLAVE STERILIZER ALL AMERICAN HEAT EXCHANGER BREW ON SITE KETTLES SPEIDEL FERMENTATION TANKS BREWTECH BRITE TANK 10BBL and 5 BBL UNI TANKS SELF POUR DRAFT SYSTEM G&D CHILLERS GLYCOL CHILLER SYSTEM REVERSE...

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Ryan W

Questions or Inquiries, names Ryan, text or call 443 938 0043 east coast 8am-8pm Have 2 10BBL fermenters, new units that we never got to use.  Need to go. 5500 a piece or 10k for the pair obo. Bought these tanks with some other equipment right before covid so we could expand capacity which stretched us financially thin so had to close during the "lockdowns". These unitanks will do exactly what you need them to do at half the price.   -Man hole in front -4" tri-clove port on top -2" port on top with over pressure/vacuum prevention valve -racking cane -carbonation stone - 304 ss construction - single glycol jacket; insulated

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by dmeehan

Looking to sellour 6bbl stainless unitank. We are looking to scale to a 10bbl unitank. Tank in great, functional condition. Still in-use until sold. Will fully CIP 2x prior to shipping. $4,000 - OBO

Used Product Ad posted 18 hours ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Joshua Rechek

80 BBL (2480 gal) Sprinkmann single shell storage/brite tanks in excellent condition.  Made in the USA.  Single glycol jacketing band above manway.  Outfitted with 1.5" CIP & Blowoff arms, 1.5" bottom port, 3" TC side port, 3/4" TC sample valve port, and 1/2"NPT thermowell.  Vessel is rated to 15psi and glycol jackets rated to 50psi.  Serial# E299W-B.  We have 2 identical tanks available.  Asking 9,000/tank, or 16,000 for the pair.  Buyer responsible for rigging (cradling) & transport.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Stefan Popescu

50 BBL Brite / Storage tank - Glycol Jacketed Tank

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Stefan Popescu

90bbl brite tank 2 ports – carbonation & sample Glycol-jacketed Single spray ball & arm

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Thomas Lemke

Two fantastic 20 bbl stacked lagering tanks.  Insulated on walls and both ends for high efficiency.  Four ports for versatile setup.  Double spray balls for CIP in each tank.  They have served us well, and we are selling due to downsizing of cellar to smaller tanks.  Size of stacked tanks are 10.5 feet long, 10.5 feet high, and 4.5 feet wide.  Asking $18,000 for the pair.  Available immediately.

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Vic jones

We are selling these tanks because they are not the right size for our program. We had thought they would work well for us but they are too big for our small lots and too small for our larger ones. one of the tanks has probably been used less than 3 times and the other tank probably 5 times Craftmaster makes some VERY nice tanks. I haven't seen nicer tanks, especially in this size range. Open to offers   Asking $4400 each or $8500 for both We can help out with delivery or shipping.   We also have some 2 BBL Fermenters for sale and some other larger tanks. Also have plenty of 1/6 barrel kegs available with little use we can sell cheaply if buying with tanks. (first pic is from craftmaster website, other two pics are not great but are of the actual tank, I can get more...

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Vic jones

we have not had a need for these large tanks that we thought we had. 2 Horizontal Lagering or Brite Tanks Approx 60-70 BBL One is dimple jacket chilled and the other is internal plate chilled Both tanks are fully clad and painted for indoor or outdoor use. These are rock solid tanks Nothing like the imported thin tanks, these are incredibly heavy and the doors are like a vault door. Asking $8,300 and $9,000 OBO and will do a package deal as well. We can help with shipping or delivery.

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Sean Mcdonald

1 ---- 4 Bbl Jacketed Conical Fermenter - Side Manway. Dual-zone jacketing is in cone and on side wall. 157 gal. capacity. Includes racking arm, CIP arm and spray ball, sample valve, racking arm, 2 butterfly valves, adjustable feet. 15 psi rating. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, tank material thickness is 3mm, jacket and outer shell thickness is 2mm. Cone has 60 degree interior angle. 35.5-in. diameter x 83-in.H.   1----- 1.5-in. TC Vacuum/Pressure Relief Valve, 15 psi. Valve will prevent vacuum in a tank and will release pressure if it exceeds 15 psi (1 bar). 1-----Pressure gauge, 30 psi. Glycerine filled, all Stainless Steel Case AND Internal Components, 1/4 inch male NPT threads. 30 psi max. BACK MOUNT.   1----2-in. Tri Clamp Cap.   1------2-in. Tri Clamp.   2-------Silicone Gaskets for 2-in. Tri Clamp   ***Shipping Price is NOT included fits on 4x4 pallet and ships fairly easily up...

Used Product Ad posted 6 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Ari Klafter

2000 liter Letina fermenter tank with locking casters We've only used it as a distilled spirits holding tank but it's designed as a non-jacketed fermenter and has plenty of applications. Great for maximizing capacity in tight spaces. 105.5” tall, 44” diameter. Located in the Chicago suburbs. Features include: - 1.5” tri clamp drain - sloped bottom - 1.5” tri clamp side port - Sample port and sample valve on side of the tank - Sight glass - PRV valve on top of tank - Top manway and gasket - 2” tri clamp port in the manway on top of tank

Used Product Ad posted 6 days ago in Brite and Storage Tanks by Rob Shash

30 bbl ABE bright tank is ready to ship or ready for local pick up at the buyers expense. Will need a carbonation stone, but all other parts will ship with it. Decommissioned within the last 6 months. All reasonable offers will be considered. Freight will need to be arranged by the buyer.

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