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Used Product Ad posted 7 days ago in Canning Equipment by Graft Cider

Wildgoose 4 Head Filler Evolution Series.  This line is a workhorse and have gotten some great use out of this machine and it runs fantastically at 42 cpm 12oz and 40cpm 16oz.  We commissioned it in early 2017 and have run just over 6 million cans through it so far.  We are selling it to move to a dual lane goose. We have replaced a good chunk of parts, conveyor motor, chuck, seamer heads, can puck etc. over the last 2 years of operation so many of the critical components are relatively new. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, we can crate and setup for freight shipment.

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by mtnSpirits -

Semi-automatic tunnel pasteurizer. Holds 3 standard trays per cycle. Ergonomic and very efficient design. Side door for easy clean out. Currently set up for single phase supply, but can easily be swapped over to 3-phase. Has 4x 30amp immersion heaters. Takes about 9 minutes to heat the bath from 60F to 165F. Can also be adapted to heat with hot water from plant source or wall hung on demand unit. Set the time/temp and come back 25 minutes later to slide another 3 trays through. Output onto a roller conveyor for minimal labor. Message and I will email videos. Don't have a youtube account right now... All parts from Automation Direct or McMaster so nothing is proprietary or hard to get. You won’t be disappointed!

Used Product Ad posted 4 days ago in Canning Equipment by Rosen Systems Auctions

Online Auction for Assets of Circle Brewing closing July 9th! For inspection, please call our office to make an appointment. Items are at 2 locations: Elgin & Comanche, TX. Auction details: Location: For inspection, please call our office to make an appointment. Items are at 2 locations: Elgin & Comanche, TX. Preview Starts 7/8/2024 8:00 AM and Ends 7/8/2024 1:00 PM Auction Ends on 7/9/2024 Brewery Equipment 2021 Specific Brewing 20 BBL Brewhouse w/ Lauter tun, Brew kettle, Whirlpool Tanks, Controls, Work Platform and Related Equipment 2017 Wild Goose Mdl. WGC250 Canning Line 90 BBL Hot and Cold, Water Storage Tanks (9) Assorted 60 BBL & 90 BBL Fermenters & Brite Tanks RAD Grain Mill w/ Outfeed Auger Conveyor Transfer Pumps, Boiler, Chiller, & Related Equipment IDD CSquire Plus 2-Keg Filler Large Qty. Empty Kegs Pallets of Cans Avantco 2-Door Display Refrigerator 2005 & 2007 Ford Econoline Vans Barrel...

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Canning Equipment by Schneider Industries

Schneider Industries Online Auction – Vancouver Brewery Equipment Auction- All Assets Available Prior to Auction All Assets are Available Prior to Auction- Call Josh B. to Negotiate Price- 314-200-0410 or Email Sale Managed in Partnership with Steep Hill Equipment Bidding Starts: June 10, 2024 10:00 am US/Central Lots Start Closing: June 27, 2024 10:00 am US/Central Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Auction Link: Equipment: FEATURES: Newlands 20 BBL 4-Vessel Brewhouse + Hop Back – Copper Clad, Automated Controls, Year 2014, (23) Mixed Domestic Fermentation Tanks – Stainless Steel, Glycol Jacketed, Cone Bottom, mixed circa 1997 to 2007, (4) 60 HL Fermentation Tanks, (3) 80 HL Fermentation Tanks, (2) 105 HL Fermentation Tanks, (10) 130 HL Fermentation Tanks, (4) 30 HL Fermentation Tanks, (15) Mixed Domestic Brite Tanks – Stainless Steel, Glycol Jacketed, Dish Bottom, (2) 50 HL Brite Tanks, (2) 33 HL Brite Tanks, (4) 16 HL Brite...

Used Product Ad posted 3 months ago in Canning Equipment by Oktober Can Seamers

OKTOBER DESIGN TRADE-UP PROGRAM LOOKING TO REFRESH YOUR BENCHTOP CANNING SYSTEM? We are happy to credit your used Oktober seamer, in any condition, towards the purchase of a new one! Trade in your SL1, MK-series, or Model 7 towards a new Model 7 or Model 8. Email at or call us at 231-750-1998 to get started.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Jeremy Sanders

Westrock DuoDozen 1210 Cartoner Combo with Tray Packer Questions and Pricing : Item Type: Cartoner Case Packer Manufacturer: WestRock Model: DuoDozen 1210 Combo Year: 2018 Last Use: 12oz. Standard Cans, 16oz. Cans, 19.2oz. Cans, Future 12oz. Sleek Cans Dimensions: 60 feet long x 8 feet wide x 8 feet tall Condition: Very Good The WestRock DuoDozen 1210 Combo is a fully integrated packaging machine for cans and bottles. This efficient, high-performance machine offers superior flexibility for secondary multipacks and tertiary trays while eliminating machine to machine hand-offs and re-metering. This flexible, efficient beverage packaging machine is the perfect solution to handle all elements of secondary container wrapping, grouping and tray-packing. Last Running: – 12oz. cans in 6, 12 and 24 packs – 16oz. cans in 4 and 6 packs – 19.2oz. cans in 12 pack Last in Operation June 2024 Includes Slat Lane Divider and Traypacker on Discharge Speeds...

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Canning Equipment by DESTIHL BREWERY

CFT 20 Head Can Filler-Seamer, model Master Can Tronic RS20, Built 2019. With CIP station, lid chute, (4) head seamer, model 3000, and control panel. Terms: $223,000.  Available for immediate shipment. Price is as-is.  Buyer responsible for freight/shipping coordination & costs, but we will handle crating, rigging & loading onto your truck for an additional $2,000. Bank wire must be received for the full purchase price prior to loading/shipping and prior to the removal of this equipment listing for sale, and this equipment can still be sold to a different buyer if the buyer fails to wire funds upon receipt of an invoice for the equipment. Viewing by appointment only. To schedule an appointment to view or to obtain more information or to otherwise submit an offer, please email only serious inquiries to (replies to this post on-line will not be routinely checked).

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Canning Equipment by IpswichBrewery

The Multima LC consists of one carousel, providing continuous filling of up to 4,500 12 oz cans per hour, or up to 3,700 16 oz cans per hour. Durable and easy to operate using pre-set programs such as Auto Filling and CIP.  Counter pressure filling principle provides effective bottling or canning of carbonated beverages, such as sparkling wine, beer, cider and soft drinks. The Integrated Vacuum Technology, with single or double pre-evacuation, guarantees minimal oxygen pick up. A difference between glass bottle and Can filling-Systems is, that Can filling systems are working with a CO2-flashing in a first step (Standard) to reduce oxygen pick-up during the filling process. LEIBINGER therefore developed and provides as well the possibility, to work with the Vacuum Technology as a pre-evacuation in the Can-filling process.  The Fully Automatic Can Seamer typ LUBECA LW502 features complete stainless steel design, all drives from the machine upper part,...

Used Product Ad posted 7 days ago in Canning Equipment by Red Rover

A great low hours Mobile Cask 6 head ACS v5 Canner with full enclosure, stainless piping trays and gas distribution system. there are change parts for 12 and 16 oz along with the ability to do lots more. the Cask Automated Depal also has twist rinses for both 12 and 16oz and is designed for all height pallets. We can palletize and rig all of the equipment and assist with shipping quotes if necessary. Can be seen running by video chat. The Tri-Pack LS160 and HT-1 heat tunnel, this unit is capable of sleeving up to 100 cans a minute. They are designed on Wheels so they can be added and removed from the line as necessary. Only selling as we’re moving to printed cans. $125K or near offer. We also have a few other pieces of equipment and may be open to doing a deal for multiple including tanks...

Used Product Ad posted 4 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Christopher Smith

Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) 6 head counter pressure canning line. Works great, and PSA offers some of the best customer support in the industry. Capable of running up to 50 cans per minute with very little operator involvement required. The Heads have recently been replaced by PSA. Recently replaced the seamer lift bearing as well as the conveyer belt.  Asking $125,000.

Used Product Ad posted 3 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Wtressler

Meticulously maintained Eurostar rotary, counter pressure, 9 head can filler with single seamer. VBC nitro doser installed in 2021. Changes parts for 12 oz, 16 oz. and 12 oz. slim cans. Seamer set up for 202 ends. Speed is 52 cpm for 12 oz. cans. Recently, replaced seamer bearings. We have tons of spare parts to go with this machine. Machine will be in operations for through June. DM me for video. Buyer pays for shipping from Green Bay. We purchased this machine from Criveller in 2016 and it was commissioned in 2017. Criveller is the North American dealer for Eurostar machines and parts.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Canning Equipment by Chris Fish

Complete meticulously maintained CODI Canning Line! EVERYTHING you need to package, 12oz,160z and 19.2 oz Cans.  CODI 6- Head, new in late 2021. Ska Fab Half Pint Depal with 3 twist rinse cages. Ska Fab Conveyance with Air blaster. Pak-Leader PL-501 Wrap around labeler. Mum Products 4-12 packer. Complete CMC- KUHNKE Seam Check System. Too many details to list! Would like to sell everything together but will consider breaking it all up. Available in Early July Buyer responsible for crating and shipping charges.  

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