20hL 4-Vessels Full-Automatic Brewhouse


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Shihkuang Engineering Equipment Limited Dedicated brewkit for a 20hL brewery expansion in USA. Fully -Customized functionalities as per unique working ways:

  • Loading cell
  • Top mounted movable rakes
  • Dual strike water supply systems
  • Dual HMI of BH controls
  • Wort back & cooling loops, etc

Reach out to us for starting and expanding your individual brews…

  • Manufacturer : SKE
  • Original Manufacture Date : 01/03/2024
  • Where Manufactured : China
Contact Details

Available from SKE Equipment Limited
Chengdong Industrial Park,No.15, Yinghua Road,Ningbo city,, ZheJiang 315708
 Phone: +86 151 5384 5207 ***** SKE Equipment Limited Allied Trade Profile

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