Sponsored Making the Most of Your Malt with Riley Aadland of RMS Brewing Solutions

This presentation focuses on giving a deeper dive into an often times misunderstood and undervalued part of the brewing process – the grist. Preparing the grist for mash in is the first step in the brew day and is a vital part in ensuring that the system is as efficient as possible from the very beginning. We will talk about the tools needed to do a grist analysis, how to go about doing the grist analysis to get accurate results, interpreting those results, and what to do with the data once you have it.

Endless input cost increases and supply shortages have forced breweries to the difficult decision of:

A. Accepting reduced margins in an already thin margin game

B. Raising prices and risking fallout from customer base

C. Taking a look at internal processes to improve efficiency

There are many design considerations to keep in mind when selecting and setting up new equipment to ensure the quality and consistency of grist to avoid costly mistakes leading to poor efficiency and malt utilization. If that ship has sailed and the system is already setup, there are still many adjustments to existing equipment and improvements opportunities for existing equipment.

Making the most of your malt doesn’t have to be overcomplicated and can go a long way to ensuring your brewery stays efficient and profitable!

RMS Brewing Solutions takes the hassle and frustration out of milling and grain handling systems for award winning breweries all around the world with 35+ years of experience in building and servicing world class roller mills. With customers in every single state in U.S. and on 6 continents, RMS knows what it means to be Local Everywhere.

Riley is an established professional with 12+ years experience in equipment manufacturing including 6+ years as an Applications Engineer working with hundreds of breweries across the globe to improve and maximize their process capabilities. Below average homebrewing skills are made up for with a deep love and passion for the craft beverage industry.

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