All About Refrigeration

Refrigeration 101

By studying and understanding the basic principles of refrigeration, you will be able to understand any type of refrigeration system you might encounter. For any mechanical refrigeration system, the principles and essential components are the same no matter how big or small, or how they are packaged together.

Refrigeration Q & A

Got a question? Ask it here, or join in the discussion.

Glossary of terms

From BTUs to compressor unloading valves, become fluent in refrigeration terminology.

Everything you wanted to know about glycol

What is Propylene Glycol? What kind should you use? How much should you use? Answers to those questions and many more.

Chiller troubleshooting

You arrive at work one day to find high fermenter temperatures and your glycol chiller system is not running. What should you do?

Before you buy

There are many suppliers offering a variety of different types of refrigeration systems, and just like the beers you brew, not all systems are created equal.

Refrigerant safety

Servicing and maintaining your refrigeration system should only be performed by certified and trained technicians. Anyone working with refrigerants, or around refrigeration systems, should always follow these safety tips.

Preventive maintenance

Periodic maintenance is the key to keep your system in good order. Download a checklist.

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