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Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by bix  This but with different controllers than what is pictured here and kettle extensions in order to make it a 2 bbl system. It is also oriented the reverse from what is pictured so the workflow is from right to left, HLT-->Mash Tun-->Boil Kettle.  See attached photos. Note that this isn't the model with a mash tun manway. This system was our only brewhouse for 4 years. It worked great for brewing in a space with an extremely small footprint. We have used it for that many years which means some of the components have been broken or worn out and replaced with Blichmann products, other aspects have been slightly altered to work with our brewing methods. The main difference is that the main pump is now Chugger brand, the plastic grips on the handles have all broken off, and the mechanism for separating the bottom kettles from the extensions...

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Cara Naeger

Three-vessel Blichmann BoilMaker Brewhouse, Accessory hosing and plumbing from kettle-to-kettle and Therminator heat exchanger Inline oxygenation assembly Ss Brewtech 3/8 HP glycol chilling unit Associated Plumbing and insulation for glycol unit to fermenters (x3) Ss Brewtech jacketed Uni-tanks with included accessories (carbonation stone, sampling valve, pressure gauge) (x3) FTSs glycol controllers and mounts $10,000 OBO, price does not include freight or packaging

Used Product Ad posted 4 days ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Kelly Knutson

NFE MACHINERY CO., LTD.   -  200 L system Brewing System 250 L MLT with rakes and side manway. Rake motor controlled with VFD through the brewhouse controller 250 L kettle/whirlpool. 3 heating elements to reach boil quickly. Vapor condenser with water inlets controlled through brewhouse controller. 3 x 200 L glycol jacketed FVs. Temperature and solenoid valves controlled through the brewhouse controls. 480 V power input required. Malt Milling machine - 150kg/h Double rollers; with motor, motor power:0.75kw, motor with UL certification, belt and pulley etc; stainless steel frame, high chrome rollers, Rollers distance adjustable Mash/lauter Tank - 200L 1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304, 2.Total volume: 300L, effective volume: 200L; 3.Surface brushed polish 4.Rockwool insulation, thickness: 80mm; 5.Inner body thickness 3mm, cladding thickness 2mm; Rake system with frequency conversion, 7.Milled false bottom 8.At the bottom of false bottom with back flashing water valve; 9.Sparging coil pipe 10.Rotary CIP spray balls; 11.liquid level sight tube;...

Used Product Ad posted 5 days ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Vic jones

We have (3) 2 BBL Conical fermenters that have hardly been used. They are currently ready to deliver or ship and are on pallets Asking $2700 each OBO or $7500 for all three These were only used 2016-2018-ish when brewery closed and have been stored indoors since. We are also selling some of our other tanks too (2) Like new 2020 Craftmaster Stainless 3.5 BBL Bite tanks only used 3 or so times. (1) 60 BBL Brite (2) Glacier 40 BBL Fermenter Unitanks Also many 1/6 BBL kegs available cheap.

Used Product Ad posted 6 days ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Doug Gaumer

Stout brand 2bbl Boil Kettle, Mash Tun, and 3 non jacketed Fermeters. Were in operation at West Hill Brewing until we upgraded to 5bbls system. All valves, temp gauges and fittings included to start making beer. Boil kettle comes with 32 tip Natural gas burner. You’ll need a gas valve and controller. feel free to ask any questions. Take all for $8,400 otherwise priced accordingly, but will take preference to someone interested in all of it. Ferms: $1,500 each Boil Kettle: $1,900 Mush Tun: $2,000 this is 30% cheaper that Stouts website:

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Stan Norgard

We are selling: 2 - 2BBL, single wall Fermenters with glycol cooling coils made by Stout Tanks. $1200 each 1 - 2BBL single wall Brite Tank with glycol cooling coils made by Stout Tanks. $2000 1 - Foxx Glycol Chiller $2000 The tanks were bought used and have worked well for us. The chiller was bought new in 2021 and is still working good. Will consider selling separately. All for $6400. Palletized and ready to ship. ***Buyer is responsible for shipping*** We can help get a quote for you.

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Bill Behm

Millars Mills 7x3 2 roller with hopper Malt Muncher high torque motor HLT 7 bbl Grundy with insulated wrap 2- 5500 stainless elements with cords 2.5 triclamp fittings Mash Stout Tanks 40 gallon non-insulated mashtun , vorlauf and HERMS/RIMS Wenger 100 gallon stainless non-insulated with false bottom Robertson 245 gallon dairy tank with copper manifold for lauter Kettle SS Brewtech 50 gallon with 2 - 5500 watt boilcoils with cords Heat Exchange Sabco Plate-Pro with triclamp kit and knockout assembly 2- stainless immersion coils Fermenters 2- SS Brewtech 50 gallon with insulated jacket wrap 1- SS Brewtech 50 gallon lid mounted immersion coil and jacket wrap 2- Stout Tanks 80 gallon jacketed fermenters 1- Century 60 gallon jacketed yeast prop/fermenter Brite Stout Tanks 40 gallon single wall brite/tax determination tank Chillers Brewmaster 100 10-gallon BVL CWA-2 with 2 glycol pumps Pumps 2-Chuggar pumps with triclamp fittings 1- Chuggar TCPSSmax with...

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Twofox

Bubba's Barrels 1.5bbl Brew System. Recently pulled out of production, everything works. Needs a few parts. -Electric Brewery Control panel 50amp -HLT with stainless HERMS coil -MT with false bottom and recirc port -BK and stand with 210,000 btu burner -Small chugger style pump $2,500 OBO

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Twofox

6 x 110 gallon Ace Rotomold plastic fermenters, with stands on wheels. Comes with all valves, fittings with racking arms. Blow off tubes included. Always hot cycled with PBW then Acid 6 and full disassembly, never any issues. $500 ea, or $3,000 for all. Shipping up to buyer.

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Stan Norgard This brewhouse system was purchased new in 2021. Great system, we outgrew it and upgraded to a larger system. COMES WITH: Mash Tun, HLT with Herms Coil, BK, 2 pumps, Control Panel, Plate Chiller, Heating Elements and cables. I could even throw in some electrical conduit and wire from dismantling the control box. Palletized and ready for shipment. Buyer responsible for shipping costs. I can help arrange a quote.

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Daren Orr

Sabco Brew Magic Pro Pilot System - 56 gallon / 200 Liter  PRICE REDUCED! - asking $14,000 PERFECT SYSTEM FOR A NANO BREWERY WHO WANTS THE OPTION TO FILL BIGGER TANKS AS WELL ! - SEE UPGRADES! Manufacturer information/photos found here: ALL PHOTOS FOUND HERE: SYSTEM INCLUDES: Main 3 vessel platform: HLT, M/LT, BK (56 gal / 200 L each) TOTAL DIMENSIONS: 110” L x 31” D x 62” H Upgraded (larger diameter) burner on Boil Kettle to achieve low flame and faster heating times. Additional Whirlpool vessel (4th) on its own stainless stand with its own pump, trub screen, filter, and copper/SS brazed heat exchanger. TOTAL DIMENSIONS: 26” L x 26” D x 56” H PLC control panel and NEMA control/power box (220v single phase) PLC allows set recipes with alarms for mash heating and boil kettle additions. Additional power extension cord (10’) to make a total...

Used Product Ad posted 2 weeks ago in Nano Brewing Equipment by Paul D

Jacketed 3.5 BBL fermenters, manufactured 2015, never actually used. Held in storage for expansion project that never came to fruition. Posting cut sheet here, photos and parts lists available upon request. Some assembly of pipes, valves etc required. Purchaser responsible for moving the fermenters, but we can recommend a local rigger/mover. Asking $4200 each (asking $12,600 for all three, but flexible if you purchase all three).  

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