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Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Rosen Systems Auctions

Online Auction for Assets of Circle Brewing closing July 9th! Auction details: https://auction.rosensystems.com/auctions/10166 Location: For inspection, please call our office to make an appointment. Items are at 2 locations: Elgin & Comanche, TX. Preview Starts 7/8/2024 8:00 AM and Ends 7/8/2024 1:00 PM Auction Ends on 7/9/2024 Brewery Equipment 2021 Specific Brewing 20 BBL Brewhouse w/ Lauter tun, Brew kettle, Whirlpool Tanks, Controls, Work Platform and Related Equipment 2017 Wild Goose Mdl. WGC250 Canning Line 90 BBL Hot and Cold, Water Storage Tanks (9) Assorted 60 BBL & 90 BBL Fermenters & Brite Tanks RAD Grain Mill w/ Outfeed Auger Conveyor Transfer Pumps, Boiler, Chiller, & Related Equipment IDD CSquire Plus 2-Keg Filler Large Qty. Empty Kegs Pallets of Cans Avantco 2-Door Display Refrigerator 2005 & 2007 Ford Econoline Vans Barrel Racks Support Equipment Tap tower & Dispense Equipment & More

Used Product Ad posted 6 hours ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Keith Chapman

60 Gallon Hop Back (with Wheels) - A VERSATILE VESSEL This 60 gallon hop back is designed to be used with a hop bag.  The false bottom is provided to keep your hop bag from getting pulled into the outlet during use.  The false bottom will not keep small hop particles in the kettle. This 60 gallon hop back is ideal for up to 15 bbl brewing system with a 1 pound per barrel hop rate. Purchased in 2019. Lightly used only for about 20 brews with a 10 bbl system. Same tank new is listed at $2,794.  

Used Product Ad posted 7 hours ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by mtnSpirits -

Very lightly used for 1.5 years. basically new!

Used Product Ad posted 7 hours ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Tom Klekot

In perfect working order. No longer need it. We all know what it does. $1825 new $1325 Shipped to you. https://www.zahmnagel.com/product/part-1000d-co%c2%b2-volume-meter/

Used Product Ad posted 1 day ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by John Barefoot

Ampco pumps Rolec DH90. This one-owner doser works well with hop dosing and flavoring beer. Used very little and in great condition. Guessing we have had for 4 years.  Retails for about $17k

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Eric Underwood

We have two forklift battery chargers.  We recently used one of them, but haven't used the GNB one for some time.  Nonetheless, we will sell both for $350 as I don't have room to store them.

Used Product Ad posted 2 days ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Eric Underwood

PRO provides a pasteurizer that can give you up to 2,400 bottles or 3,000 cans, 12 ounce size, pasteurized to 12 pasteurization units in an 8 hour shift.  We only used this pasteurizer for 1 1/2 years and just recently installed a larger unit.  We also have an extra pump to go with it. PRICE REDUCED

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Dan Thumberg

We just upgraded some equipment and we are ready to part with our old stuff for a really good price. Maybe someone can take it all? All equipment was in perfect working condition when we disconnected it at the beginning of May. The Alpha 30bbl HLT was part of the new equipment we bought, but it doesn't fit in our space. It was built in 2019 and put into service in 2020. All the other equipment we bought late 2017/ early 2018. 1. 10BBL Craftworks Indirect Fire Boil Kettle (400,000 BTU) - Integrated manway and sight glass for easy monitoring. $6,ooo 2. 7.5hp Econo-chill Glycol Chiller (Quarterly PMs since the day we got it in early 2018) - 7.5 horsepower glycol chiller for efficient cooling - Compact and economical design - Provides reliable temperature control for fermentation and storage - Essential for maintaining optimal brewing conditions $3,500 3. 10BBL Mash...

Used Product Ad posted 3 days ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Robb Watson

Century System Power Pak, air-cooled, 1/3 HP, (1) 100 gph circulating pump, 120v/60/1-ph, 14.4 amps, 1.75 gallon capacity glycol bath, constant pressure expansion valve, adjustable electronic temperature control with digital readout, stainless steel cabinet, 24-1/4"W x 17-1/4"D x 25-1/2"H, R134a, cULus, NSF Option of 1/3 HP at 120V Digital display provides temperature readout and allows for temperature adjustments Superior cooling technology on long runs with high efficiency, compact heat exchanger and 100 gallon per hour glycol pump Top-mounted, close-coupled pump and 1/3 HP ball bearing motor assembly is easily serviceable Factory pre-mixed glycol guarantees superior cooling performance Highly efficient with 1.75 gallon glycol bath Power Pak stand and legs available for off-the-floor mounting Designed to pair with BeerBlast BP-07KPH - see listing

Used Product Ad posted 4 days ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Michael Partheymuller

$75 for all three. Stainless Steel Punch Down Tool, Paddle, Tank Mixer Attachment For Drill. Buyer to pay shipping.

Used Product Ad posted 6 days ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Austin Corrigan

We have a used Letina 528 gallon/ 2000L mix tank with wheels. The tank has the following specifications- — mixtank — volume approx. 2000 lit — coat diameter 1275 mm, height 1550 mm — total height approx. 2100 mm — on wheels — folding cover — conical off-centered bottom — gearmotor 1.5 kW — shaft with blade paddles — baffle — type plate with note card — cooling jacket, 2 m2, max. 2.5 bar — thermowell — total discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 1.5" — material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle brushed outside — packaging   we are needing a larger vessel. Buyer covers FOB

Used Product Ad posted 1 week ago in Miscellaneous Equipment by Chris Anderson

150.00 bucks I need this gear gone. 10 gallon cooler with ball valve installed with a boil in bag, 5 gallon stainless steel boil kettle also with ball valve, propane burner, 2 hydrometers, one chugger pump, pass through chiller, Blichman hop rocket,Blichman boil kettle hopping screen, 20 gallon co2 and two 2 gauge regulators, a small oxygen tank, 2 cappers, caps, joy of homebrewing book, two scrubbers, thermometers, scale, magnetic stir plate and bars, scoops and stir spoons, two bottle washers. Well over a grand worth of gear a steal imo at $150.00 HMU.

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