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Sponsored How E-Commerce Can Take Your Brand To The Next Level with Jason Sherman of TapRm

Alcohol e-commerce isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay — but how can beer and hard seltzer brands fully utilize this sales channel and grow their businesses? Join Jason Sherman, CEO and Founder of TapRm, as he discusses the value of having your own customized e-commerce channel and the many ways it can help your beer brand scale.

Not only can E-commerce provide a new source of revenue for your business, but can also provide valuable data and analytics about your customers, save your business time and money, and help you steer your brand in the right direction. E-commerce platforms can do the heavy lifting of fulfillment, courier deliveries, retailer relationships, and more helping brands focus on their own growth through marketing and social media strategies while driving traffic to their websites, help expand their footprint into new territories for DTC shipping, help prove and promote your product to distributors in the competitive field, and continue to engage and grow your community organically.

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Based on case studies and data from TapRm and other e-commerce platforms applicable to emerging new breweries and established larger brands, we’ll discuss how a brewery can use e-commerce to build and expand consumer loyalty, re-engage their most dedicated fan base, gain leverage for geographic expansion with distribution, and sign on and expand with brick and mortar retail accounts.

We’ll examine best practices and learnings from successful online beer and hard seltzer brands (as well as wine and spirits brands) that have been utilizing e-commerce extensively, ultimately providing recommendations and strategic tools that will allow the beer industry to catch up online.

We’ll also present on how breweries can (and should) utilize third party online marketplaces (i.e. Drizly and Minibar) and online retailers (i.e. GoPuff), and ways to stand out on their apps where “digital shelf space” is a premium.

Lastly, we’ll discuss how robust e-commerce operations can support fundraising from venture capital and with potential major supplier exits.

TapRm’s CEO and Founder, Jason Sherman, has over a decade of experience in the alcohol industry managing investments and acquisition decisions into a host of beverage businesses, including e-commerce, CPG, technology, and logistics startups at Zx Ventures, the global incubator and venture capital team founded by Anheuser Busch InBev, the leading global brewer. There, he helped grow startups into thriving, capitalized businesses, each designed to scale into high-value assets. Jason took his experience to simplify the complex U.S. alcohol industry all under one easy-to-use platform, TapRm. This end-to-end SaaS platform provides a powerful combination of customer service, fulfillment and delivery, distribution, and analytics to elevate the e-commerce experiences for beer brands and help them scale and grow their businesses.

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