Survival Tactics – Essential Virtual Resources for the Brewing Industry

Survival TacticsEssential Virtual Resources for the Brewing Industry

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our industry, including the cancellation of key events and conferences which provide in-person networking, education and toasting with friends. ProBrewer is tracking the variety of online opportunities to gain information, share ideas, strengthen your business, and network in this temporary virtual world.

We look forward to returning to meeting in person–nothing can replace a beer and conversation shared together. Until then, we are moving forward to support all activities that advance beer knowledge, communication and community for brewing professionals.

Virtual Conferences

Online virtual events attempt to replicate cancelled conferences

With the cancellation of industry gatherings and conferences for the foreseeable future, there are now “virtual conferences” opening up to fill the need. Here are those online conferences and other talks to continue your education.

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Help Your Business

Online webinars and podcasts to help your business survive

There are many webinars and podcasts now available to help you navigate the new world we are now living in, including taking advantage of federal economic relief packages, how to recreate your business model to adapt and survival tactics to get through to the other side.

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Help Others

Helping others in your community in a time of crisis

In the spirit of the craft brewing community, many brewers are looking for ways to help their local communities, their retail customers, and others who are struggling during these times. This section has information on how you can help.

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Help Yourself

Virtual platforms to stay healthy and well

When your business and employment situation elevates stress, taking care of yourself so you can show up for others should be your top priority. From physical and mental health, this section covers virtual resources to keep you going.

Vital resources for your personal health➔

The brewing industry is indeed one big family. In this time of crisis, ProBrewer would like to offer a virtual place to meet and talk and share with one another anything you want to talk about or questions you may have regarding the COVID-19 situation.

About ProBrewer – Over a quarter century ago ProBrewer went online to serve the brewing industry. That remains our sole mission, purpose and focus. It’s our “Why.” Our mantra is “for the greater good of beer.” Every feature, action and decision is filtered through this ethos.

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