News 2024 World Beer Cup Winners Announced

There may have been some personal equity left at the tables and slot machines during the Craft Brewers Conference this year in Las Vegas, but the Brewers Association handed out plenty of precious metals in the form of gold, silver and bronze during the World Beer Cup Awards Ceremony.

Throughout 14 sessions spanning seven days, a panel of 280 judges hailing from 37 countries meticulously evaluated 9,300 entries. Representing 2,060 breweries across 50 nations, this year’s World Beer Cup competition solidified its status as the premier international professional beer contest.

Developed in 1996 to celebrate the art and science of brewing, this global competition continues to create greater consumer awareness about different beer styles and flavor profiles while promoting international brewing excellence.

“Each award represents not only exceptional quality but also innovation and creativity, driving the global craft beer industry forward,” said Chris Williams, World Beer Cup competition director. “This year’s winners exemplify the spirit of craftsmanship and ingenuity and showcase the diverse flavors and techniques that make beer an art form. Congratulations to this year’s winners for their outstanding achievements in brewing.”

The World Beer Cup awards ceremony was held on April 24, 2024, on the final day of the Craft Brewers Conference at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV.

The winners of the 2024 World Beer Cup can be seen here.

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