News Beer is Clear Favorite Over Wine and Spirits in the Non-Alcohol Category

According to a recent poll, 58% of Americans participating in Dry January chose a low-alcohol or no-alcohol beer to help them achieve their goals. 55% of the respondents say that the quality of non-alcoholic beer has improved over the past few years.

Even as wine and spirits gain market share over beer, in the non-alcoholic category, beer is clearly the strong favorite among consumers, making up 86% of all non-alcoholic beverage dollar share in the US.

The poll was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the Beer Institute between January 9-10, 2024, among a sample of 2,137 adults aged 21 or older.

“As many Americans increase their focus on moderate consumption, a growing majority of them are using low- and no-alcohol beer to help them hit their goals,” said Brian Crawford, president and CEO of the Beer Institute. “Brewers are committed to meeting this demand, and as the beverage of moderation, beer’s dominance in the low- and no-alcohol space reflects decades of investment by brewers and an industry commitment to encourage responsible consumption. The beer industry is enabling consumers to enjoy their favorite beers without sacrificing quality.”

See the full press release here.

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