Freight for the brewery

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Shipping and receiving is a crucial component of any successful business that produces a product for consumption. Beer, as a product, offers many unique challenges. Failure to get raw materials to the brewery in time disrupts the brewing schedule. The finished beer product has a built in vulnerability to time and temperature as well as regulatory hurdles that can slow or stop it from reaching consumers. This can make failure to get a shipment from A to B a very expensive mistake. This content is intended to provide brewers with the essential foundation of knowledge needed to prepare and receive shipments, hopefully avoiding costly mistakes and misunderstandings that can doom a small business operating at the razors edge of a profitable margin.

By Chris Sapyta, shipping professional with Keg Logistics and FitzMark, Inc.

Table of contents

Freight Types
Choices – Administration of Freight Logistics
Outbound Freight – Shipping out full beer
Inbound Freight – Raw Materials, Keg Return
Freight Q&A forum