It doesn’t happen often but here are a few simple procedures to follow that will help you properly process loss and damage claims for recovery of money from the carrier:

  1. When product is delivered damaged or missing, action must be taken right at the dock, with the driver present.
  2. First the Bill of Lading (BOL), the driver will ask you to sign it (or will ask your wholesaler to sign it when receiving full beer). Do not sign anything until the receiving party has COUNTED all pieces, cases, kegs.
  3. If it does not match, sign the BOL – with an *note – and declare the missing pieces. Same procedures for damages, note the damages on the BOL, make the driver sign right under your signature as well.
  4. Damages – take pictures, this is key, with most everyone carrying a cell phone equipped with a camera there is no excuse not to – instruct your crew or your wholesalers, PLEASE take pictures, they do tell 1000 words and helps get your claim processed much faster.
  5. You can get a claim form right from a carrier’s web site in most cases, if you are using a 3rd party to book your freight it is their responsibility to file the claim and help you assemble any needed documents or proof.
  6. Armed with these documents you can file the claim with confidence. It takes time, patience and follow-up, but those simple steps raise your odds of recovery quite a bit and prevent endless delays for more information and claim dispute. Expect a refund check in 30 to 60 days.

Download Claim Procedure Checklist (pdf)