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Sponsored Little Changes: Actionable Strategies to Elevate the Customer Experience with Dan Hornbrook

I will dive into the importance of elevating the consumer experience from a product and location standpoint. What are things that consumers are seeking that some breweries might be missing out on that could be super easy to connect with.

Does this beer have a great food pairing suggestion? Can you raise your ticket rings with food pairing? Do you offer different glassware with different styles of beer? Why and how are you conveying the importance of that to your customer? Does your location advertise as expected? A person seeking a moderate relaxing craft brewery ending up at a bustling industrial brewery could create a “”bad experience”” for a consumer. A brewery with a heavy metal night may not be as attractive to a family looking for dinner plans.

Dan Hornbrook is the Product Manger of MarketMyBrewery™ and has been in the beer industry for 7+ years and the adult beverage space for 12+ years. I worked on the wholesale both on and off premise, multi-state manager for a brewery, and now the technology side of the business. I love beer but I love the people in the beer industry the most.

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