Sponsored Life-Saving Alarms for CO2 Leaks: What You Need to Know with Josh Pringle of CO2Meter

Brewers pose unique challenges when it comes to carbon dioxide in the workplace. While CO2 is a necessary product in the brewery process, exposure to high concentrations can be life-threatening.

While normal CO2 concentrations tend to be around 400-800ppm, the case of CO2 off-gassing or a CO2 leak can quickly reach 50,000ppm (5% CO2 by volume). This is above the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) evacuation threshold of 30,000ppm or 3% CO2 by volume.

As an expert on Carbon Dioxide and Safety, CO2Meter provides the 5 best safety tips to protect against CO2 leaks for yourself, your employees, or your brewery.

Josh Pringle is the Vice President of Business Development and Operations for CO2Meter, Inc. CO2Meter designs and manufactures gas detection, monitoring, and analytical devices. Josh is recognized internationally as an expert in CO2 monitoring and carbon dioxide gas. He presents more than two dozen times per year on the science of CO2, codes and regulations, and monitoring to a variety of industry experts and organizations wanting to upskill and educate.

After receiving his B.S. from James Madison University Josh held roles with Costco Wholesale, Reyes Holdings, the Corporate Executive Board, and AOL. Josh also sits on the Board of Directors of the Volusia Manufacturers Association, the Ormond Beach Brownfield Advisory Board, and is the Chairman of the Neighborhood Improvement Advisory Board for the City of Ormond Beach, FL. Josh lives in Ormond Beach, FL to be close to his children, Emma, and Evan.

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