Sponsored How to Make Ownership Your Competitive Advantage w/ Larry Chase (Ray Johnson Group)

You’re an owner and your brewery business is always top of mind.

Ask yourself: What would my business be like if my employees had an ownership mindset? What if they thought about the business like me?

If they did, there’s a high likelihood the business would perform better and be more profitable. You’d have lower turnover and longer-term employees. They’d even be more involved.

So, do you have to give employees actual ownership of the brewery to get an ownership mindset? You or other investors are not ready to give up your ownership – can you still create an ownership culture? What will help employees truly think like owners?

To help you understand the basics of an ownership culture we’ll discuss the 14 Rules of Ownership and what they mean for you and your employees. Plus, you’ll learn the 3 transformational components to building an ownership culture: thinking like an owner through education, acting like an owner through enhanced involvement, and feeling like an owner through a stake in the outcome.

With an ownership culture your brewery business will experience increased trust, higher involvement, and consistent performance and profit. In essence it becomes a competitive advantage.

Come learn the answers to the above questions and learn if you want to add an element of ownership to your culture.

When companies want an ownership culture that includes trust and engagement along with positive financial impact, Larry helps them make it happen. He coaches them in building an Open-Book Management system. In reality, it’s a people operating system that leads to growth for both individuals and the business.

Prior to being a Great Game of Business Certified Coach®, Larry was a professional brewer for 23 years. He’s been a frequent speaker at the Craft Brewers Conference including a panel discussion of brewpubs using open-book management. He served on the Brewers Association Board of Directors from 2013-2021. During 6 of those years he was the Board Treasurer and chair of the BA Finance Committee. Beyond beer and business coaching you’ll find him vying for “”Dog Dad of the Year”” and filling Chief Support Officer duties for his wife’s professional speaking business.

Want to learn more? Visit https://www.greatgame.com/coach-larry-chase or reach out at larry@larry.coach.

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