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Amoretti is a California based company specializing in super concentrated natural infusions for artisan craft beverages.

Sourcing the freshest and tastiest fruits, herbs, spices, chocolates, vanillas & peppers from around the world, paying

meticulous attention to quality & consistency to ensure an impeccable, creative, consistent brew in every barrel.

For Over 30 Years

Amoretti® has produced the highest quality ingredients, premium products, and incomparable flavors for brewers.

We’ve helped brewers achieve award-winning success at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup.

Our top selling infusions include Craft Purée®, Artisan Natural Flavors, Extracts, and Beverage Infusions.

However, we have seen success with all of our product lines – and with flavors ranging from fruity to nutty, floral to spicy,

and tropical to chocolaty.

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Our diverse range of product lines can help you craft the perfect beer, cider, seltzer, cocktail, spirits, or other beverage.

TTB Registered

Brew with confidence! We have hundred of infusions registered with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

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Craft Purée®

Our go-to for brew, Amoretti Craft Purée® is designed specifically for beers and craft beverages, offering the most efficient way to infuse flavor into any style of beer. Craft Purées scale easily for large batches and are great for industrial-sized operations. Add an irresistible flavor and aroma to your tank and keg or simply pump, pour, and serve great taste by the glass! Our Craft Purée® offers a consistent flavor with every batch. We have over 40 flavors available.

Suggested Use Level:

About 1 – 3.5 ounces by weight per gallon

About 2 – 7 lbs per bbl
Note: Recipes and personal preferences vary, usage up to 12 lbs per bbl is not uncommon.

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Artisan Natural Flavors

Our Artisan Natural Flavors are a favorite among brewers as a cost-effective solution to offering a bold, uncompromised fruit flavor. This top seller is a fantastic alternative to the standard fruit puree, cutting costs for storage and preparation. Artisan Natural Flavors are thicker in consistency and we recommend premixing or dissolving prior to dosing your main batch or keg. We have over 60 flavors available.

Suggested Use Level:

About 0.5 – 1.5 ounces by weight per gallon

About 1 – 3 lbs per bbl

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Extracts make up our largest product line and are the most concentrated product we offer. With more than 500 extracts, we have an unmatched variety of flavors. This is the best option for a superior flavor and aroma without any added sugar. Our highly concentrated, water-soluble extracts are typically clear and impart a minimal amount of color to no color in your final product. Extracts can be added at any time during your process.

Suggested Use Level:

About 0.2 – 2 grams per gallon

About 0.5 – 2 oz by weight per bbl
Note: Depending on your recipe and the other ingredients, some customers use as much as 8 ounces per bbl.

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Beverage Infusions

Designed for hard seltzers, ciders, and canned cocktails, we pack real fruit and high quality natural flavor into our Beverage Infusions for a premium product that delivers a well-rounded flavor every time. Our secret is the perfect balance of fresh fruit, sweetness, tartness, flavor, and aroma. Rediscover what makes a perfect finish with simple, quality ingredients. We have over 20 flavors available.

Suggested Use Level:

About 3 to 6 ounces by weight per gallon

About 6 – 12 lbs per bbl

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Best-Selling Brewing Products

Blood Orange Craft Puree® Blood Orange Craft Puree®
Blood Orange Craft Puree®

Blood Orange Craft Puree®

Raspberry Craft Puree® Raspberry Craft Puree®
Raspberry Craft Puree® Raspberry Craft Puree®

Raspberry Craft Puree®

Mango Craft Puree® Mango Craft Puree®
Mango Craft Puree® Mango Craft Puree®

Mango Craft Puree®

Peach Craft Puree® Peach Craft Puree®
Peach Craft Puree® Peach Craft Puree®

Peach Craft Puree®


Brewery Series

Brewers’ Product Catalog

A specialized product guide geared towards brewing applications. Featuring our Extracts, Swirls, Compounds,

Artisan Natural Flavors, and more. Look inside to find use levels for our different products, adjusted for beverages.

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