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So you have decided to purchase “pre-owned” brewing equipment and need your money to go as far as it can, yet still be an intelligent decision. What can you do to assure that you are not spending your hard-won money on what might essentially be scrap metal? Well, draw up a chair and let’s talk about the good & the bad experiences that others have had and how to maximize your chances for success in this fluid marketplace. By John Mallett, Brewmaster, Bell’s Brewery

Used Tank Q&A forum

Fellow brewer’s and manufacturing experts answer your questions on used tanks.

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Used Beer Tank Buyers Checklist

What to look for and look out for –

Tank Types & Descriptions

Descriptions of the basic tank types.


A glossary defining everything from beer stone to vale types.

Stainless Steel basics

A basic breakdown of the principles of stainless steel.

Stress Corrosion Cracking

Stress corrosion cracking is a general term describing stressed alloy failures appearing as cracks in the stainless steel that occur in corrosive environments.

Selecting Equipment for New Pubs and Micros

Dave Miller starts from the top – first, go on a fact finding mission to pub breweries that have systems built by each of the fabricators you are talking to – and takes you through the process.

The Care and Feeding of Stainless Steel

A primer on stainless steel reviews its composition and properties, discusses methods of cleaning and sanitization, and provides important tips for anyone fabricating or modifying stainless steel equipment.

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