Hop-onomics: Insights into the Supply, Art and Science of Hops [online]

Date / Time: Thursday, September 28th, 2023 at 3:00 pm PDT - 6:00 pm PDT (add to calendar)
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The multifaceted world of hops goes beyond just bitterness and aroma. It encompasses the art of flavor crafting, the science of brewing and the economics of sourcing and utilizing hops in an ever-changing landscape. Understanding the new trends, advancements and intricacies of hop selection, usage and supply can be a formidable challenge for brewers.

In this 3-hour webinar led by Shanleigh Thomson, a consultant with more than 11 years in the alcoholic beverage industry, you’ll embark on a comprehensive journey that blends the art, flavor, science and economics of hops. Through engaging lecture, interactive polls, live Q&A, and special guest insights, you will explore everything from the chemistry of hop flavors to the complex dynamics of hop supply and market trends.

This webinar is tailored for brewers who seek to deepen their understanding of hop selection, use cutting-edge research in their brewing, make informed decisions in purchasing hops, and navigate the new landscape of hop supply and economics. Whether you’re a hobbyist, craft brewer or an industry professional, this webinar will enhance your ability to create distinctive brews that resonate with modern tastes and trends.

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the complexities of hop flavor profiles and the science behind them
Explore the new landscape of hop supply, including sourcing strategies and market economics
Learn from case studies and practical insights into hop selection, lot differentiation, and innovative products
Gain insights into the relationship between climate change, agronomy, and hop production
Learn from industry experts such as hop growers and experienced brewers

Hop variety selection and utilization
Understanding and applying hop market economics
Innovating with new hop products and techniques
Analyzing and adapting to new trends and research in hop cultivation and brewing
Crafting recipes that align with the latest developments in hop art and science
This webinar promises a fun, rich and multifaceted exploration of hops, that will give participants new perspectives and insights into their own brewing and/or brewing businesses.

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