Analysis Laboratory

We Build Relationships

Analysis Laboratory builds relationships by providing services that improve food and beverage operations.
We work to develop a relationship that answers questions about your process.

Is it in control?
Are trends emerging?
Are changes warranted?
What are the expected effects of those changes?

We cultivate this relationship by responding to clients’ needs and constraints
Mailing sample kits to facilitate collection/shipping.
Timely acknowledgement of sample receipt and our best estimate of results availability.
Email EXCEL file as soon as complete.
Follow up to assure that the data are useful to process decision making and to encourage any questions/comments.
We promote the principle of continuous improvement. We start by developing a set of questions that describe your process:
What is it supposed to do?
How do I know if it’s working well?
What would happen if I change?
To answer the questions, we collect data consistently, create a database, look for trends, develop probabilities and set achievable benchmarks for future performance.

Consistent testing makes data most effective: no gaps, no second guessing what happened ‘way back when,’ and no chance that your next decision will be based on wishful thinking.

Scope: Contact us to discuss process control objectives. We’ll pursue available (AOAC, ASBC, NIST, Standard Methods, custom) food/beverage testing protocols to determine costs, benefits, logistics and ROI of outsourced (onshore) lab testing. Analysis Laboratory is your partner in product testing and process monitoring.

Contact Info

Company Contact Consultant
Main Phone 541.451.8571
Toll-Free Phone 29359
Fax (253) 322-4368
Address 41854 Cut-Off Dr.
Lebanon, OR 97355-9150
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