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As a brewer, you use both art and science to serve your customers safe, fresh beers with great character. Your business depends on quality, consistency, and flavor – which requires precision, efficiency, and expertise.

Thermo Scientific offers an unmatched combination of durable equipment, purchasing convenience, and solid end-to-end customer service to help brewers of all sizes deliver their best beers.

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All Thermo Scientific analytical testing instruments are guaranteed with at least a two-year warranty, are serviceable by our team in Massachusetts. Our team of product specialists are available before purchase to answer your questions or provide a demonstration of any product.

After the purchase of a Thermo Scientific pH, ISE, DO, Turbidity or Colorimetry meter or UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, we offer:

  • onsite and mail-in meter repair and calibration (depending on the need/availability)
  • a technical support team to help with any instrument or accessory, or application-specific questions
  • an application scientist available for complex scientific questions and methods
  • library of existing application methods for beer and water testing

Thermo Scientific Orion products and staff have 60 years of experience in supporting brewers like you in your quality control testing. We look forward to working with you!


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