F.H. Steinbart Co.

Est. 1918

The Nation's Oldest Homebrew, Fermentation, and Beverage Dispensing Store

Helping create the best home-brewed beer, wine, spirits and other consumables for more than 100 years.

Also a supplier of parts, fittings, and advice for commercial businesses using draft systems (bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries, cideries, cannabis farms, distilleries, tap cleaners, coffee shops, etc.) both large and small.

We refill CO2 up to 20# tanks (with current certification stamp).

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Company Contact Rob
Draft Technician/Asst. Manager
Website http://fhsteinbart.com
Email info@fhsteinbart.com
Main Phone (503) 232-8793
Toll-Free Phone 1-800-735-8793
Address 234 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
Portland, OR 97214
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