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DELLA TOFFOLA USA is a leader in the design and construction of technologically advanced solutions for the Beer, Cider and Wine industries.

DELLA TOFFOLA USA is a world leader in the design and construction of technologically advanced solutions for the Beer, Cider and Wine industries.

DELLA TOFFOLA began as a family business manufacturing winemaking equipment in Italy in the 1960’s.  Success brought growth and the company expanded into the brewing, cider, and bottling/packaging, and water treatment industries.  Today, DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP boasts eight manufacturing plants and eight branch offices located across six continents.

DELLA TOFFOLA USA, located in Santa Rosa, CA opened in 2009.  The company prides itself on its manufacturing and technical expertise, as well as its high level of after sales support and service.

The DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP offers a strong selection of filtration equipment options including their award-winning Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Beer Filter.   Through acquisitions, the group also delivers top name brands, Priamo Food Technologies, AVE Technologies, OMB, and Z-italia, for any CIP/PASTEURIZATION and BOTTLING/PACKAGING needs.

The DELLA TOFFOLA Crossflow Filter for Beer provides an innovative filtering solution, utilizing ceramic membranes. These membranes deliver a more consistent product, with excellent clarity (without interfering with organoleptic qualities) and generates minimal waste.  The ceramic membranes offer superior strength and durability, when compared with traditional organic membranes. They also have the ability to withstand higher CIP temperatures, ensuring a thorough chemical cleaning.

Cross-flow filtration enables a filtering action in a controlled, oxygen-free atmosphere. There is no need to use any filtering adjuvants plus it is a continuous and fully automatic process. Operators can manage the machine easily by setting just two parameters by means of the touchscreen interface. In addition, the user has the opportunity to set up and control the system online with any smartphone or tablet.

All the beverage processing systems designed and constructed by DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP companies are easy to manage and safe, and can be delivered with high levels of automation.

In addition, DELLA TOFFOLA provides impeccable service that guarantees clients prompt support.

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Company Contact Natalie England
Main Phone (707) 544 5300
Fax (707) 837 8742
Address 975 Corporate Center Parkway, Suite 130
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
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