We make your shrink sleeved cans look as good
as your craft beverages taste!

CanSource is the leading shrink sleeve label maker for aluminum cans in the U.S., specializing in custom packaging for the craft beverage industry. That little something extra craft beverage makers put into creating each and every batch is what makes craft beverages so special. At CanSource, we honor the craft maker by taking extra special care in sleeving your canned beverages. We make sure that what goes on the outside of your cans reflects the quality and craftmanship of what goes inside. Our custom can sleeving solutions elevate your craft beverages so they look as good as they taste. Order now from one of our nearby distribution centers.

Why CanSource?

  • Quick Turn-around
  • Small or Large Batch Runs
  • High Quality Digital Printing
  • Premium Materials

Contact Info

Company Contact Elyssa Ellson
NW Territory Sales Representative
Website https://cansource.com/
Email elyssa.ellson@cansource.com
Main Phone 833-228-3959
Address 2120 Miller Dr., Suite G
Longmont, CO 80501
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