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Pure Pass Flash Pasteurizers

We have flash pasteurizers for your keg, can, and bottling needs. These machines can benefit every part of the beverage industry from juice to beer.

With more and more beverages including fruit flavors and flavorings, pasteurization is a necessity. We have flash pasteurizers that range from 1000 liters per hour all the way up to 60,000 liters per hours.

We have systems perfect for a craft brewery and for the ever-busy production breweries.

For space conscious breweries, we have tankless options in our CB series.

This is a great investment and will not change the flavor of your product!

FP1-CB – 15 hL/hr

FP2-CB – 30 hL/hr

FP3 – 70 hL/hr

FP4 – 120 hL/hr


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