3.5bbl turnkey brewing system with beer fermenters &brite tanks


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3.5BBL two-vessel electric/steam/direct fired heating brewhouse
3.5BBL Mash/lauter tun– rake, false bottom, top agitator, sparging
3.5BBL Kettle whirlpool tun –electric/steam heating, indoor steam condenser, tangential entry
7BBL Hot liquor tank
Pumps with ABB motor
Stainless steel 304 working platform
Plate heat exchanger – 304 or 316 plates
Wort grant, hops back
Pipelines and valves
3.5BBL/7BBL fermentation tanks/bright tanks/unitanks-internal pickling and passivation, racking arm, insulation and cooling jacketed, sample valve, pressure relief valve, glycol solenoid valve
Roller grain miller
Chiller and Glycol tanks
UL/CE Rated controls and electric components
Quick-wear parts

Professional engineering support and onsite installation!

Please contact us for more details of this system or any other production capacity brewing systems!

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