News Green Flash Brewing Company’s San Diego Brewery Up For Sale

Loeb Equipment, in partnership with Heritage Global Partners and Blackbird Asset Services has announced that it will be conducting a sale of the Green Flash Brewing Company’s San Diego brewing facility, capable of 100,000 barrel production.

The facility has 100,000 barrel production total capacity and can produce bottles, cans, and draft package, while also having the capability to produce flavored malt beverages, seltzers and other ready to drink products. The facility features a 50 Barrel Mueller brewhouse that is eight years old, with over 40 fermentation and bright tanks supporting the products. There is also a 5 Barrel Premier Stainless brewhouse onsite for small batches and pilot runs.

The turnkey sale process is currently ongoing as Loeb, HGP and Blackbird are actively seeking and negotiating offers from buyers who can re-start the brewery in place, while negotiating a new lease, or for the potential to relocate the brewery.

Last December SweetWater Brewery bought Green Flash Brewing and moved all production of Green Flash brands to its facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a world-class brewery in one of the quintessential microbrewery locations in the world. The replacement cost to build a facility of this caliber is obscene,” said Howard Newman, President of Loeb. “The Green Flash opportunity provides everything the buyer would need to be up and running right away. It’s the type of sale that you don’t see very often.”

More details on the sale and contact information here.

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