News Molson/Coors Workers Strike as AB Prepares for Its Own Strike

Molson Coors said that the union strike at its Fort Worth brewery has not impacted supply as they shift production to other breweries. Meanwhile, the deadline for a union strike at Anheuser-Busch nears after union members voted on Dec. 16th to authorize a strike on March 1st unless demands were met.

The Molson Coors strike was isolated to the company’s Fort Worth brewery where 420 workers have walked out. The union is asking for pay raises, along with more access to health care and retirement benefits as part of its new three-year contract.

Molson Coors said it has built up inventory at its five other breweries and at wholesalers across the country to meet supply chain demand. It’s not certain if taking the Fort Worth brewery off-line over a long duration would eventually jeopardize supply.

The AB strike would likely be much larger and could impact 5,000 workers as opposed to the 420 workers who are on strike at the Molson Coors Fort Worth brewery.

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