News IBD Announces New Technical Course on Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) has launched a technical training course for brewers on how to make nonalcoholic beverages. The training course is targeted at brewers working in breweries of all sizes who want to produce “no and low alcohol products safely, at minimum cost and in compliance with regulations.”

The course will take brewers through the process from raw materials to packaging and also cover information regarding legal classification, nutritional information, mashing profiles and yeast types, flavor compound control and calculations for processing dilution and flavoring.

The course will also provide a summary of the options for dealcoholisation for brewers as well as hurdles to microbiological contamination.

The IBD is an industry trade association for brewers and distillers and is based in the United Kingdom. The institute traces its roots back to 1886.

More details on the course and registration here.

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