Sponsored Leveraging Events to Grow Your Taproom Business with Laura Lodge of Start A Brewery

As brewery owners and taproom managers, you know you’re supposed to host events. You may even have a staff member dedicated to creating and booking events. But they never seem to live up to expectations – and your regulars and your staff hate them.

Join us for a deep dive into event rescue! We will pull them apart, take a closer look, check in with your regulars, and put them back together. We’ll address the reasons to have (or NOT to have) events, the critical community awareness piece, and how to differentiate your events by thinking a little bit further outside of the box. Last, we break down the costs. Yes, you need to break even.

Being thoughtful about the what, when, and why of your events can make all the difference. Great events garner support, excitement, and engagement… while they boost the bottom line.

Laura Lodge is the owner of Customized Craft Beer Programs, a consulting business offering insight and assistance with all things craft beer. In addition to developing craft beer programs for destination resorts, she enjoys hosting creative educational events and offering insight about the business of craft beer. Laura is the coordinator of the well-known Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines Festival held in Breckenridge each year and consults for breweries and wholesalers about the complexities of distribution. Co-Founder of Start A Brewery, Author of Distribution Insight for the Craft Brewer, and recognized as a veteran in the craft beer industry, she lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and enjoys the outdoor lifestyle.

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