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Have a plan, do it right, learn from those who have gone before you.

You have loved the craft and science of brewing since your first kit, and early on you fell in love with your hobby, and your friends with your beer. Sure, it’s free, but they really like it, right? And now you are ready to take the next step, but don’t want to risk the whole farm and your children’s college fund. Enter the Nano. Small scale brewing for big time dreamers.

Beware! But go for it. Your Nano is a business and you must treat it that way. It is also a brewery and you’d better be making some great liquid. You will not get a pass from consumers just because you ground your malt by hand with a mallet and a flat rock, or made it 60 gallons at a time!

Nano Brewing is a gateway, perhaps to bigger and better things. But, that which works for you, can also work against you. It may be an indicator that you should stick to your day job. It is a game-changer. It allows you, brewing up to 3.5 bbls at a time to compete for customers, tap handles and even shelf space without spending a million bucks. Your brand, marketing and most importantly perhaps, your product, must be dialed in from the jump.

Go ahead, grip it and rip it. Time to be an entrepreneur, not a wantrepreneur. But have a plan, do it right, learn from those who have gone before you. And for God’s sake, make great beer!

– Mike Hess, Proprietor & CBO, Mike Hess Brewing Co., San Diego, CA

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