ProBrewer Expert Topic • Volume 2024, Issue 4

Innovation at CBC Las Vegas 2024

Checking in with the latest technology and trends at the Craft Brewers Conference 2024.

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Editor's Introduction to Innovation at CBC Las Vegas 2024

This month ProBrewer takes a detailed look at Innovation in the alcohol beverage industry as the Brewers Association hosts the annual Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) in Las Vegas.

The CBC, which showcases the latest ideas and innovation in the industry, takes place April 21-24 and will feature over 60 educational seminars and 650 exhibitors. ProBrewer’s Expert Topic section will take you backstage to find out what’s new at this year’s conference, highlight the must-see seminars and give you an insider’s guide on what to do while you are in Vegas. We also have a sneak peek at next year’s CBC in Indianapolis.

Other spotlights on Innovation in the pages of ProBrewer include an article on genetically engineered yeast, innovation in beer packaging and how brewers are innovating in new beverage spaces.

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Featured Articles in Innovation at CBC Las Vegas 2024

Planning for After the Craft Brewers Conference

Craft Brewers Conference Curtain Raiser: What’s New at CBC this Year?

Can’t Miss Seminars for the 2024 Craft Brewers Conference

IMPORTANT: MJF Kicks Off Matching Grant Challenge Leading up to CBC

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What to do in Las Vegas for CBC

Dig Deeper into Innovation

News Growth in Low and No-Alcohol Beverages Continues to Grow – Worth $1.8B in US

Growth for low and no-alcohol beverages continues to impress, with latest figures indicating that growth for the two categories grew by 5% globally in 2023 and is expected to grow another 15% in the US through 2027. The no-alcohol market in the US is now worth over $1.8 billion.

Expert Topic Innovation in Beer Transportation

Brewers control the quality of their beer right up to the point where it goes out the door. When a four-pack of cans, a sixer of bottles, or a growler leaves the brewery in a customer’s hands, a brewer’s job is largely done. But when beer heads out for distribution, that’s where things get complicated. […]

Expert Topic Brewers are Innovating in New Beverage Spaces

There was a period of time, and it wasn’t too long ago, when craft brewers were urging other brewers to stay in the beer lane. Focus on the beer, don’t think about flavored malt beverages, or other liquids, some industry leaders said. Be beer manufactures, stick to the mission, they urged.

News Genetically Modified Yeast Sets Up Debate in Brewing Industry

The use of genetically modified (GM) yeast in brewing is raising a debate, triggered in part by a California yeast supplier who has indicated that it can remove or add certain genes based upon flavor preference.

Expert Topic Innovation in Beer Packaging

Innovation in packaging has changed as the beer industry evolved. First it was simple packaging that did not leak, then it was tighter seals and ways to fill and transport. The materials became lighter and more robust. Shapes evolved, and manufacturers found ways to make everything run faster and smoother while delivering a usable customer […]

Expert Topic The Brewhouse of the Future (Part 2): Packaging

After a recipe is developed, the ingredients are carefully selected, a beer is brewed with care, and fermented properly, it is time for packaging. Brewers put a lot of thought into their packaging, not only design but function, durability, and how it takes care of the beer. As the world continues to change and a […]

Expert Topic The Brewhouse of the Future (Part 1)

What will the brewery of the future look like? In many cases the industry, at present, is standing on the edge of an enhanced digital revolution that will bring efficiencies not only to the brewhouse but also the tap room. The COVID-19 pandemic sped up many of the digital encounters that had already been available […]

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