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Shanghai BaZhou Industrial Co., Ltd.

Quality Packing Solutions

VKPAK, started from labeling machine manufacturer, also invested and shared several factories from filling machine, capping machine and packing machine. We are providing quality packing solutions for bottle filling and packing in the industries of home care and personal care , foodstuff, agrochemical , chemical and lubricate oil for liquids, cream/ointment, fluid and half-fluid, powders, and granules products.

Integrating R&D, manufacture, marketing ,and service in one, we provide complete production line from bottle feeding, washing, filling, capping/sealing, labeling , cartooning.

Our goal is to make a liquid filler that works well and is reliable. We want to help our clients save money, be more productive, and use less packaging material. We want to be known as experts in this area, and we are a growing company that can make special machines to fill liquid bottles. We always invest in new ideas to make our products even better. We share our success with our customers and employees. We want to sell our machines all over the world and work with others.

We offer the machines and the lines with great impact for your product quality and productivity.

We are sincerely looking forward for your contact.

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Website https://www.vkpak.com/
Email doughkskip@gmail.com
Main Phone +86-21-34710825
Address Plant No. 6, No. 477 Tie Feng Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Shanghai, Shanghai 200940
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