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TAM Systems is different from other contractors in that we offer service assistance with ongoing maintenance and repairs, which remain critical to the success of your business. We believe in maintaining an inventory of common materials and replacement parts so we can provide fast service for unexpected repairs.

We are committed to being your full service partner – as a supplier, designer, and contractor. If our broad portfolio of products and services doesn’t offer exactly what you need, we will work with you to create a solution.

TAM now creates systems designed specifically for Microbreweries. We understand that these systems need to be functional, efficient and easy to manage to keep up with the demand for great tasting beer. From grain storage and material handling to particle reduction and load cells, TAM Systems has a variety of solutions to help meet the unique needs of your microbrewery operation.

Grain Bins (Silo)
As one of the four main ingredients in beer, the quality of your grain is critical to your product; and, therefore, it needs to be taken care of properly. Our custom-designed grain bins for microbreweries will help ensure the highest quality ingredients go into your brewing.


Sometimes measurement gets lost in the process of micro brewing, but accurate measuring is essential in order to meet high-level production quality. Measuring scales allow for more precision and accuracy in brewing beer with consistent quality. TAM offers scales for your microbrewery to help you create great-tasting beer – every time.

Custom Design
Not all beers are alike. Likewise, every brewery is different. TAM Systems is ready to work with you to create your own style operating system, or update your current operation, to meet the needs of your improved processes. You have other things to worry about, so we handle the designing, gathering of parts and installation, while keeping you informed along the way. TAM systems will also be there to help with repairs and replacements to keep your brewery functioning at a high level.

Material Handling
Efficiency is everything when brewing high-quality beer. Simply walking the grain between areas is timely, costly and overall inefficient. TAM designs conveyor systems, distributors and other solutions for material handling to increase process efficiency and make your job easier.

Roller Mills
TAM Systems knows that smaller grain means enhanced precision and uniformity, yielding more high-quality product for your brewery. We can design a milling system that best fits your needs and gives you the advantage of getting the most from your grain.

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