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Good for brewers, consumers, farmers and the environment

Beyond traditional beer boundaries
Enzymes have been a natural part of brewing for thousands of years. Today, innovative brewers are using enzymes to develop their business beyond traditional beer boundaries. With enzymes, brewers can create new tastes and claims, and use value-adding co-products to meet new consumer expectations.

Novozymes applications for Brewing
Optimize your raw materials
With enzymes, breweries are better able to cope with a year of bad harvests or rising prices. It’s possible to brew a great beer despite wide fluctuations in the quality of raw materials. Brewers can take advantage of non-traditional local raw materials, avoiding transport costs and protecting the environment.

Cost-effective cereal-cooking with enzymes
Simpler, faster, more consistent liquefaction
Liquefaction with Novozymes Termamyl® is a simpler and faster process when compared to liquefaction with malt enzymes. Because the enzymes are thermo-stable, the 15-minute rest at around 72°C during the cooking process can be omitted, allowing a shorter and simpler cereal cooking process.

Improve wort separation and beer filtration
Maximize brewhouse capacity
Novozymes’ range of enzymes support consistent, fast and efficient wort separation and beer filtration. This enables the maximum number of brews per day, optimum yields and filtration cycles.

Consistent, cost-effective production of highly attenuated beers
Simple and cost-effective
Novozymes offers a broad range of attenuation enzymes that give brewers a simple and cost-effective way to create highly attenuated beers, as well as managing attenuation fluctuations due to deficiencies in raw materials.
With these solutions, brewers can produce highly attenuated beers in a cost-effective manner. It’s possible to increase the attenuation level by 4-5% with the same amount of raw materials. Brewers can produce a super-attenuated malt base for flavored alcoholic beverage production. They can also maintain consistent fermentability – despite raw material variability.

Better control of fermentation – FAN and diacetyl
Reduce diacetyl and costs
Diacetyl is a key maturation indicator. Novozymes enzymes offer a reliable and predictable process that prevents the formation of diacetyl during fermentation, without influencing the flavor profile of the final beer.
With Novozymes enzymes, brewers can effectively control formation of diacetyl, which reduces cellar costs, maturation times and the need to reprocess batches due to high diacetyl.

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