Customized Solutions for the Craft Brewer & Distiller

Custom Grain Handling Solutions for the Craft Brewer and Distiller
Malt is the most important (and expensive) ingredient in your beer (with the exception of you, of course). Achieving and maintaining the optimum grist profile involves more than simply adjusting the gap setting on your roller mill and hitting the start button on your auger. Treat your malt with care and you’ll get the most out of your brewhouse. From better vorlauf to increased brewhouse yields, a well designed Malt Handling System will increase the efficiency of your brewing operation, saving you both time and money. Let us help you design a system that will both meet your needs and fit your budget.

From bringing in fresh malt to removing spent grain. LEARN MORE

Various milling options for getting the most out of your malt. LEARN MORE

Weighing and measuring resources, with custom grist profile analysis. LEARN MORE

STORAGE (Malt Silos and Bins)
Quality storage options for both new malt and spent grain. LEARN MORE

We Install Too!
Our crew has the most experience in the industry installing grain handling equipment, and the final product with reflect that. From simple day jobs, to large scale systems, to regular service checkups, we can do it all. LEARN MORE

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Or if you can’t find what you are looking for. With our years of experience, we have sourced and fabricated a wide variety of equipment that isn’t a part of our regular inventory. That doesn’t mean we can’t find it, make it, or work with it! Don’t hesitate to ask us if you don’t see something you had in mind. CONTACT US

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