Aegir Brewing Systems

Only Fully Automated - Mash Filter Brewing Systems

Aegir Brewing Systems was founded in 2012 with the support of Meura to bring mash-filter brewing to smaller craft brewers in North America. Mash filtration is not new. Meura invented it over 100 years ago and today over 25% of the world’s beer production is made with a Meura mash filter. But, it is not widely used in North America – a great competitive advantage for early adopters here.

​All Aegir systems, from 15 BBL to 100 HL, are designed around the Meura2001® mash filter. As a result, we have become experts in craft-scale, mash-filter brewing and get more from this remarkable technology than anybody else.

Aegir brewhouses are fully automated and designed with the brewer in mind. An Aegir system provides unmatched yield, productivity, reliability and grain bill & batch size flexibility.

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Company Contact Jason Platek
Brewing Engineer
Main Phone 2622570123
Address N93 W14518 Whittaker Way
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051
United States
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