ABV Technology

Separation and Measuring Equipment for NA Beverages and Hard Seltzer

Pioneers of Craft NA Beer and Hard Seltzer

ABV Technology has taken the non-alcoholic beverage market to another level with its Equalizer technology. This patented dual-stage vacuum separation equipment takes one input, a beverage with alcohol, and turns it into two outputs; a clear, flavorless, colorless and carbon filtered “hard seltzer” base at the same ABV as the input product, and also, an NA beverage retaining flavor, color and aromas of the input but with less than .5% alcohol by volume.

ABV Technology is located in St. Paul, MN and is a manufacturer and service provider for the craft beverage industry across the US and in Canada. Founded in 2017, they have a dedicated team with extensive backgrounds in engineering, brewing, IT and sales bringing patented cutting edge technology to life to help you create some of the best non-alcoholic beer, wine, cider and hard seltzers.

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Company Contact Ashley Hauf
Sales & Marketing Manager
Website https://www.abvtechnology.com
Email ashley@abvtechnology.com
Main Phone 651 644 5986
Address 1435 Energy Park Drive
St Paul, Minnesota 55118
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